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October 30, 2018 Week In Connections

Information on the Telematics Issue
As with our national partners, the Auto Care Association and the Coalition of Auto Repair Equality (CARE), CAWA agrees with the enclosed discussion paper on the telematics issue. See here for details. 

For further information or comments, contact

IRS Publishes Tax Reform Resources for Small Business
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reminding business taxpayers to learn about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the new tax law passed end of last year, may affect them. Among other things, the new law may change their tax rates and impact the quarterly estimated tax payments they are required to make during the year.

The IRS is highlighting these changes and more as part of its ongoing initiative to help small businesses and self-employed individuals understand and meet their tax responsibilities. Pass-through businesses, small C-Corporations, Schedule C filers (independent contractors and gig economy workers) and farmers are all affected by the new law.

Helpful resources: 
Source: Our national partner, the Auto Care Association

New Laws Affecting California Employers in 2019
With the upcoming new year comes a host of new California employment laws that will take effect on January 1 and beyond. Many of the new laws stemmed from the #MeToo movement and strengthen harassment protections, while others clear up ambiguities in laws that were passed last year, such as the ban on asking about an applicant's salary history. And a few make small changes or may only affect employers in specific industries. Unless specified, all new legislation goes into effect on January 1, 2019.

See here for details and contact California's attorney, Steve Marmaduke, 916.441.2430 or with questions and receive your ½ hour per month of FREE
legal consultation. Another member benefit. Source of article: Our friends at the California Chamber of Commerce

Telematics: What is SVI?
Today, any telematics data coming in and out of vehicles go through OEMs, making them the data's gatekeepers and giving them full control over who has access, how the data is accessed and how much access costs. 

The Auto Care Association and CAWA support a solution that provides security, privacy, choice, safety, and a level playing field for the marketplace. A solution that enables a smart global infrastructure, where the vehicles of the future can "talk" to infrastructure components like roads, traffic lights, emergency vehicles and other vehicles, which results in safer and more efficient roadways using Intelligent Transportation Standards defined SDO (standard developing organizations) such as ISO, IEEE, SAE, CEN, etc. 

Currently there is a solution in advanced development that delivers - SVI (Secure Vehicle Interface). See here for more information on SVI. Source: Our national partners, the Auto Care Association

Automotive Related E-commerce and Technology Companies are of Interest to CAWA
In pursuing a major and critical goal of the Association, a CAWA Task Force has recommended and the Board of Directors has adopted the following: "That the Association pursue automotive related e-commerce and technology companies to CAWA membership". If you know of potential member candidates from these type companies, email with contact information. Thank you.

Do You Know Immigration Law Regarding Employees?
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been stepping up its enforcement by more than doubling the amount of investigations it was doing in 2017. The drive is likely to continue and intensify under ICE's push for a "culture of compliance" among businesses. As part of this push, it's expected that ICE will conduct 400% more I-9 form audits this year, compared to 2017. With President Trump's stated agenda of cracking down on immigration law breaches, employers are advised to make sure that they take extra care when vetting new hires, and also fill out I-9 forms appropriately and carefully check new employees' documentation. 

See more information here and contact CAWA's legal counsel for your ½ hour per month FREE legal consultation as a member. See for the attorney in your state. Another member benefit. Source: Our partners at Armstrong & Associates

CAWA Members - Register for a  FREE Training Webinar Regarding E-Commerce
To be held as follows: Thursday, November 8, 2018 ; 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PST; (2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST). During the webinar, created by Cellacore, you will be exposed to the truth about automotive eCommerce. The presenter will reveal a comprehensive approach to making your competition irrelevant and how to dominate your market. See here for further details and where to go to register for this FREE offering. Another member benefit.

CAWA 2019 Scholarships - Apply Now Through March 31, 2019
Interested in receiving a scholarship from the Association for your employees, children, family members and others who would be welcomed into the auto care industry? Applying is easy! The online application process allows students interested in aftermarket careers to submit one application each year online at and receive consideration for several scholarships. Funds for scholarships come from generous CAWA members and the University of the Aftermarket Foundation. For more information, see or contact CAWA Member Services at Another member benefit.

Having Health Insurance Issues for Your Employees? Want to Save $$$?
More health insurance plans renew over the next three months than any other time of year! Did you know that CAWA members have a number of complimentary resources available to help your business navigate the options through our partnership with CoreMark Insurance? For more details, click here and contact Mat Nabity of CoreMark Insurance at 916-286-0918.
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