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Thank You to Our Sponsor of This Edition of CAWA Connections

June 11, 2019 Week In Connections

CAWA Arizona Health Trust Provides High Quality, Affordable Employee Benefits Programs to Employers in the Automotive Industry, Headquartered in Arizona
Health Trust As a member of CAWA, groups may choose from several medical plan options underwritten by BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona. Ancillary benefits include mandatory $15K Life/AD&D through The Standard Insurance Company, dental coverage through BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona and vision coverage through VSP. 

Participating groups must have a minimum of 2 employees enrolled in the plan. To request a quote or for more information, contact the team at DiMartino Associates who will gladly work with your current broker to provide more information on the CAWA Arizona Health Trust program, including the process for requesting a proposal. 

Contact the team at DiMartino Associates:
DiMartino Associates Phone: 206-623-2430 
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General Information: 

All Employee Benefit plan companies must be dues-paying members of CAWA. Another member benefit.

Driverless Delivery: Autonomous Vehicles for Grocery are Rolling -- Could Auto Parts be Next?
While the media hypes up the potential of autonomous vehicles, individual drivers are still reluctant to embrace a technology that will be very expensive and still has bugs that could affect safety - recent autonomous or semi-autonomous accidents involving Tesla and Uber haven't helped increase consumer confidence. However, one market does seem bullish on driverless vehicles - the delivery space. Over the past year, a number of companies have announced autonomous vehicle delivery projects that are aimed at reducing some of the cost and complexity of last-mile delivery applications. This is an area where aftermarket parts distributors and retailers could potentially benefit, as tapping into these types of third-party delivery networks could reduce or eliminate the need to maintain their own local delivery fleet. See more here. Source: Search Autoparts

Nevada Expands Remedies Available for Employment Discrimination Claims
Anti-Discrimination The Nevada Legislature recently passed Senate Bill No. 177, which greatly expands the remedies available under Nevada's anti-discrimination statute and provides other significant changes to the administrative process before the Nevada Equal Rights Commission ("NERC"). Senate Bill No. 177 passed both legislative houses with overwhelming support and Governor Sisolak signed the bill on May 21, 2019. The measure becomes effective on October 1, 2019. See details, here. Should you have further questions, see our Legislative Advocate in Nevada, Gabriele McGregor at or 775.331.4555. Source: Littler

One of My Long-term Employees Recently Retired, and Would Like to Do Some Occasional Work for Us in Her Spare Time. Can We Hire Her as an Independent Contractor?
Probably not. There are a number of different worker classifications in California, such as directly hired employees, leased workers, interns, volunteers, and independent contractors. These classifications are fact-specific: employers and workers cannot simply agree to a certain status. Employers must instead be prepared to demonstrate that a worker meets the legal tests for any given classification. See more details here. Source: Our friends at the California Chamber of Commerce

Credit Card Surcharging 101
You've heard it called many names: convenience fee, cash discount, surcharge, merchant fee, service fee. They are not all the same though, and there are rules. Surcharging is growing in popularity, with more businesses every day enrolling in the program. Before you decide if surcharging is the right option for your business, you should know what it entails ( see here). If you are interested in surcharges, our team at Superior Financial Systems is ready to answer any questions you may have, and help get you set up. Contact Todd Lazar for more information: (888) 737-7762 |

CAWA Thanks Sponsors for the June Leadership Meetings
CAWA thanks it's June leadership meeting sponsors whose logos are below. We appreciate the support! There is still time to join your colleagues at the event to be held in Goleta, CA on June 20-21, 2019. See agenda and registration information here.

BBB Industries
Genuine Parts Co.

Vehicle Information Can Open Opportunities in Retail - is Your Business Preparing for this Future?
The first glimpses are emerging of an era in which troves of new services and features can deliver discounts and enhanced experiences. Data is unlocking new possibilities in connected cars. Quite literally. Amazon expanded its in-car delivery service this year to certain Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Packages can be delivered right into a customer's trunk, provided they're willing to give the online retail giant access to GPS data on their vehicle's whereabouts and permit it access. In California and Florida, fuel-delivery companies are rising in popularity, eliminating the need for customers to stop at gas pumps. For now, consumers order service via an app, but soon, a fill-up will be automatically prompted when the data shows the fuel tank has dropped to a certain level. Read more here. Source: Automotive News

What "trade myths" are Being Discussed within the Auto Care Industry?
See the enclosure developed by our national partner, the Auto Care Association ( here). Also, visit to learn more about how trade impacts the industry.

You are Probably Leaving Money on the Table - General Liability Insurance
CAWA's partner, Armstrong & Associates, has exclusive discounts with many A+ rated carriers. You may be "leaving money on the table" with your liability premiums. A NO cost, NO commitment quote from Armstrong & Associates would be the way to go, in cutting costs, starting out in 2019. See the enclosure ( here) for details. Another member benefit.
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