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Thank You to Our Sponsor of This Edition of CAWA Connections

Automotive Distribution Network
August 29, 2017 Week In Connections

CAWA Annual Membership Dinner October 29, 2017 at Caesars Palace- Pompeian Ballroom
Ted Wise
Enjoy a fun filled evening with auto care industry colleagues as we install new officers, celebrate our successes, listen to our keynote speaker Ted Wise former Co-President and COO of O'Reilly Auto Parts and support CAWA Memorial Scholarship Fund with a live auction. All proceeds from the event go towards the Association's scholarship fund thanks to the exclusive sponsorship of Motorcar Parts of America. A must do to start off Industry Week!

Keynote Speaker: Ted Wise- Former Co-President and COO of O'Reilly Auto Parts.

A native of Springfield Missouri, Ted attended Missouri State University. Following, he went to work at O'Reilly Automotive in a store as a delivery driver which developed into 45 year career. As a Store Manager, he opened the company's first retail / wholesale store and was later promoted to be the company's first District Manager responsible for developing O'Reilly's dual market business strategy. In 1984, he became the company's first Vice President in charge of Store Operations, promoted to executive Vice President of Operations and Sales, and in 1999 was promoted to Co-President over all functions of Store Operation, Sales, Advertising/Marketing, and Real Estate/ Expansion. In 2005, he assumed the role of Co-President and COO at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Activity within the industry includes; Dean of Store Operations at AWDA University, AWDA University Founders Award 1996, AWDA Board and Chairman in 2000, Northwood University Education Award 2001, AWDA Memorial Scholarship Award 2001, Coalition for Auto Equality (CARE) Director 2001-2015 / Chairman 2005-2015.On personal note, Ted has been married for 47 years, has 3 sons, and 7 grandchildren. Now retired, he spends time at home with family, enjoyed playing more golf, fishing and travel.

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Initial Sales Effort Through a Long-Term Relationship - Some Thoughts
Mr. Chapin, sales consultant, has oftentimes been asked about client retention. It is something he has been very successful at over the years. Here is how he did it from the initial sale all the way through the entire long-term relationship ( click here).  Source: John Chapin

CAWA is Watching this Potential Property Tax Proposal - The "Split Role"
It was once viewed as politically untouchable, but now there are efforts to change Prop. 13, the landmark tax legislation passed by California voters in 1978. A grassroots group of labor and other so-called progressive groups has collected more than 85,800 signatures, both online and door-to-door, with the aim of moving legislators to close Prop. 13's commercial and industrial property "loophole." 

The Make It Fair Coalition has been pushing for the so-called "split roll" Prop. 13 reform, as they cite proposed budget cuts that may threaten vital services, including health care, parks and environmental oversight. Supporters argue that by assessing commercial and industrial properties at their current market value - and keeping Prop.13's lower residential property taxes intact - state and local governments could raise upwards of $9 billion. 

This coalition urges lawmakers to "assess commercial and industrial property at fair market value and close commercial property tax loopholes,'' while protecting homeowners and renters from changes, and providing "tax relief for small businesses." 

Among the endorsers of Prop. 13 reform are: League of Women Voters, California Teachers' Association, SEIU, California Labor Federation, California Nurses Association and California Calls. To date, the governor has expressed no real interest in getting into this fight, but polls show public opinion has changed over the last decade on "split roll." Has it changed enough? 

Stay tuned. For details, see our California-based legislative advocate, Gary Conover at or 916.233.9655.

CAWA is Working with the Stop the HIT Coalition, Advocating Against the Health Insurance Tax, or HIT Tax
The HIT was a sales tax passed as part of the ACA/Obamacare. It directly raises the cost of health insurance premiums for small business owners, employees who receive their coverage through work, the self-employed/individual operators, Medicare Advantage seniors, and Medicaid managed care enrollees. The best way to think of this tax is as a sales tax on the private health insurance plans purchased by most Americans who either don't get their coverage through a public program or through a self-insured entity such as a labor union or large, major corporation. See the enclosure (here) for further details and know your Association is battling for you. Another member benefit.

Want to Know More About the NAFTA Negotiations?
Click on the graphic below and listen to the experts as presented by the Auto Care Association at their recent webinar.


Prop 65 is a California Law that Gives Consumers and Their Attorneys the Ability to Sue Businesses
Prop 65 Those that do not include warning labels on products containing chemicals associated with cancer and birth defects. The law has spawned a predatory trial-lawyer industry focused on using the law to net large settlements. The only companies safe from the reach of Prop 65 are those not producing or selling merchandise in California. Otherwise, if you are a multi-state retailer, distributor or manufacturer whose products end up in California, Prop 65 can be costly if you are not prepared. The following article (here) reviews the law and provides some compliance recommendations. Source: SEMA News

CAWA Scholarships Available - Application Process is Now Open Through March 31, 2018
Interested in receiving a scholarship from the Association for your employees, children, family members and others who would be welcomed into the auto care industry? Applying is easy! The online application process allows students interested in aftermarket careers to submit one application each year online at and receive consideration for several scholarships. For more information, see or contact CAWA Member Services at Another member benefit.

Scholarship award
Member Kenny Ho of Intex Auto Parts presents a scholarship award
Members Jim Hubka (l) & Jack Hubka (r) of Completes Plus present a scholarship award

Workers Comp Insurance - Exclusive Discounts for CAWA Members
Save up to 20% on your workers comp insurance this go around. Click here
to see how. Another member benefit.

New Lower Pricing on CAWA's Industry Job Board
The CAWA Careers Industry Job Board now features new lower pricing, starting as low as $75 per listing, for jobs posted throughout a broad industry network. By visiting here, hiring managers will find new job posting rates, starting at $75 for technician positions and $105 for a single 30-day post. Multiple posting packages are available and internship postings continue to be available at no charge. Each posting made on the CAWA Industry Job Board is automatically posted on multiple industry job board sites, enabling employers to see all candidates in one network. The CAWA Industry Job Board network includes the following organizations: 
  • Auto Care Association 
  • Automotive Service Association (ASA) 
  • CAWA- Representing the Automotive Parts Industry 
  • Custom Automotive Network (CAN, formerly PWA) 
  • National Independent Automotive Dealer Association (NIADA)
  • Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 
  • Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)
For more information, contact or call 800.332.2292. Another member benefit.
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