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July 9, 2019 Week In Connections

Young Suhr Jr. of APW Knox-Seeman Warehouse Elected as Secretary to the CAWA Board of Directors
At their June Leadership meeting, the Board of Directors elected Young Suhr, Jr. to serve as the Secretary, the entry position for officers of the Association. He commented that "CAWA is critical to our industry and I'm so thankful to the Board for nominating and accepting me to this position". The Association held its leadership meeting in Goleta, California and conducted meetings, as well as, heard presentations of contemporary automotive aftermarket issues. The next leadership meeting will be in Napa, California on February 20-21, 2020. For more information on upcoming meetings and events, contact

CAWA Leadership Meeting
CAWA members listen to presentations at the June Leadership meeting

CAWA Chair of the Board, Dan Hanson, Jr. of Hanson Distributing Company, has Appointed Tom Ogaz of the Parts Authority to the Board of Directors
When Chair Hanson announced the appointment he commented: "We look forward to Tom's participation and contributions that will assist the Association in achieving its goals as a viable automotive aftermarket industry organization". "We appreciate Tom and the Parts Authority continuing their position in leadership for the Association to assure the future successes of CAWA and the industry we serve", he continued.

Mr. Ogaz is currently the General Manager for the California 'Inland Empire' Parts Authority Automotive Stores. He came to Parts Authority from the 2016 acquisition of Metro / Star Auto Parts in California. He has been in the automotive parts industry since 1987, where he started as a Counter Person at Kragen Auto Parts. In 1993 he went onto American Brake Supply, an undercar wholesaler. While there, he was promoted to District Manager and was responsible for 6 warehouses in Southern California. In 1999, he was hired at Metro / Star as the IT Manager. In 2004, he took the position of General Manager of the Star Auto Parts stores and was promoted to Vice President of the company owned "Star" Stores in 2009.

CAWA Helps Defeat Nevada Legislation Aimed at Restricting Use of Aftermarket Parts
AB173 CAWA along with industry partners Auto Care Association and LKQ Corporation, were successful in defeating Nevada's AB 173 which sought to prohibit the use of aftermarket parts, require consumer waivers to use aftermarket parts and shed fear and doubt about the efficacy of aftermarket parts. See the here for the complete press release.

CAWA has Announced the Recipients of its 2019 Scholarship Awards
Scholarship Awards CAWA provided $14,500 in scholarships this year to fourteen individuals. "Once again, CAWA is proud to assist these young people in pursuing their education and careers in the auto care industry", said Rodney Pierini, President and CEO, in announcing the awards. Details and the full press release identifying the recipients can be found here. Another member benefit.

Are You Paying Attention to this New Training Compliance? You Have 6 Months to Comply!
Effective January 1, 2019, California employers with 5 or more employees (including those located out of state) are required to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees before January 1, 2020. The minimum count of "5" employees includes seasonal and temporary hires as well as independent contractors.

Stop Harassment That's 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training to California supervisors (and to out-of-state supervisors of California employees), and 1 hour of such training to nonsupervisory employees in California. Training must take place within 6 months of hire or promotion and every 2 years thereafter. To comply with the January 1, 2020 deadline, all employees must be trained during the 2019 calendar year.

Recall, training is FREE to CAWA members through our partners at CoreMark Insurance. Some organizations are charging $25 or more to conduct this training for your employees. For further information, contact Mat Nabity at or 866.340.2247.

Member Alert: Exclusion Process for Section 301 - List 3 Tariffs on Imports from China
Today, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) posted a soon-to-be-published notice opening the exclusion process for Chinese products subject to Section 301 third tariff list.

The notice states that the electronic portal for submission of exclusion requests will open on June 30, 2019 with a deadline of Sept. 30, 2019.

The notice includes the exclusion request form and require the following information:

Product Identification
  • 10-digit HTS subheading, product name
  • Detailed description of the product
  • Product functions and application

Company Information
  • Data on annual quantity and value of the product in 2017-2019
  • Company's gross revenues for 2018-2019
  • For imports sold as final products, percentage of total gross sales for Chinese-origin product
  • For imports used in production of final products, details on total cost of producing final product and percentage of total gross sales

Supporting Data and Rationale for the Requested Exclusion
  • Whether the product is available only from China and if the product (or comparable product) is available from sources in the U.S. or in third countries
  • Whether requester has attempted to source the product from the U.S. or third countries
  • Whether imposition of duties since Sept. 2018 has or will cause severe economic harm on U.S. interests
  • Whether the product is important/related to "Made in China 2025" or other Chinese industrial programs 

Responses to Requests for Exclusions: After a request for exclusion is filed, interested parties have 14 days to respond to the request, in support or opposition for their view.


Replies to Responses: After a response is posted, the requester will have 7 days to reply to the response.

Products on the third tariff list went into effect on Sept. 24 at 10% tariff rate and increased to 25% tariff rate on May 10, 2019. Exclusions will be retroactive to Sept. 24 and be valid for one year from the date the exclusion determination is published in the Federal Register.

Learn More Here                               Source: Auto Care Association

Now You Can Contribute Directly to CAWA's Political Action Fund
The Association created a Political Action Committee (PAC). A PAC allows CAWA to: (1) sponsor and oppose legislative bills to promote and protect its members and the industry it serves, and (2) award political contributions to increase the visibility and understanding of the Association and its members' issues. In short, a PAC allows an individual or business to make a greater impact in the public policy arena than if they acted alone. The PAC also educates members of the legislatures on issues and situations that matter most to the Association and its membership. Absent these efforts, elected officials might not realize the importance of our industry to their constituency or how issues they are deciding might impact both auto care businesses and their customers, the motoring public. Thus, the CAWA PAC helps strengthen our Association's voice by supporting key decision- makers who truly understand our industry and the work we do.

The political climate is constantly changing and it is important that we have resources to help look out for the best interests of our industry and member companies. Every member company and individuals within those companies has the opportunity to contribute to the PAC in support of industry and business issues.

For more information on the PAC and where the funds are spent, contact or 800.332.2292, ext. 1201. To donate directly to the fund go to

The Power of True Partnerships
Partnerships We live in a business world today, that more than ever seeks (calls-out) for true partnerships. As companies strive to be more agile, lean, quicken the market, competitive and more responsive. It is clear that we all need to develop, foster and earn the right to be viewed as a true partner. Becoming a trusted partner is indeed mutual. It is a two-way business relationship, that is the road to success. Both parties invest in the success of their partners, it can and is, a game changer. It grants us to optimize the strengths both partners have! It is working to design the future of our industry! The key is to seek like-minded partners with shared vision and passion! See more here. Source: Dr. John A Passante

Association Job Board is Vital to a Successful Recruitment Strategy
The CAWA Career Center is more than just a place to post job opportunities. In fact, we offer something of far greater value than other recruitment sites. We are an engagement platform that brings you even closer to the type of talent that you are looking for. Our job board is built around an established community of state and national trade association members, students and industry professionals; creating an opportunity to network with others in the field and build an employer brand that extends beyond the job board. Visit to begin your search for talent for your company. Another member benefit.
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