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April 30, 2019 Week In Connections

Dan Hanson Appoints Wayne Price of O'Reilly Auto Parts to the Board of Directors
Mr. Price began his career with O'Reilly Auto Parts while still in high school, and continued as a night/weekend manager while completing his B.S. in Finance from Missouri State University. He spent approximately eight years in the Commercial Insurance/Finance industry with Travelers/Citigroup, where he served in increasingly more responsible roles; including Corporate Reengineering and as National Risk Bond Manager for the six-state Great Lakes Region. He returned to O'Reilly in 1997 where he has served on the Executive Committee since 2003, and has had various responsibilities, including: development of Risk Management and Legal areas, Energy Management, Corporate Integration for the CSK acquisition, Chairman of Strategic Planning, and Treasury operations. Mr. Price has oversight of regulatory and environmental compliance, as well as having been involved with several legislative reform initiatives; while most recently assuming responsibility for Governmental and Legislative Affairs. He lives on the family farm where he grew up, and runs a growing cattle operation with much assistance from his parents. He and his wife have a daughter, who recently graduated from University of Missouri, and he enjoys classic cars, motorcycle riding, fishing & hunting adventures, golfing, and time with friends and family.  

"We are pleased that O'Reilly will continue in a CAWA leadership role", commented Hanson during the appointment process. Mr. Price will attend his first Leadership Meeting in June in Santa Barbara (Goleta), California.

CAWA and its Coalition is Successful in Killing Nevada's Anti-Aftermarket Parts Bill - AB 173
Aftermarket Parts
Our coalition against the anti-aftermarket replacement parts bill has been successful as the bill died in committee on April 12, 2019. We will do all we can to make sure this bill does not resurface in some other form and become law in the Silver State. Thanks to all who sent letters, emails, made telephone calls and testified on the bill. For additional information on our coalition and efforts in Nevada, contact CAWA's Director of Government Affairs, Jennifer Zins at or 916.871.0603.

What is CAWA's PAC and Why Do We Have One?
The Association created a Political Action Committee (PAC). A PAC allows CAWA to: sponsor legislative bills to promote and protect its members and the industry it serves, as well as, award political contributions to increase the visibility and understanding of the Association and its members' issues. In short, a PAC allows an individual or business to make a greater impact in the public policy arena than if they acted alone. The PAC also educates members of the legislatures on issues and situations that matter most to the Association and its membership. Absent these efforts, elected officials might not realize the importance of our industry to their constituency or how issues they are deciding might impact both auto care businesses and their customers, the motoring public. Thus, the CAWA PAC helps strengthen our Association's voice by supporting key decision-makers who truly understand our industry and the work we do. For more information on the PAC and where the funds are spent, contact or 800.332.2292, ext. 1201 or go to the website to donate funds at

CAWA and Auto Care Association Reps are Meeting with the Nevada Attorney General
Nevada Capitol
The meeting will take place to discuss consumer education regarding their warranty rights under the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. 

See Jennifer Zins, CAWA's Director of Government Affairs for details at or 916.871.0603.

CAWA is Implementing a Scholarship Program for Automotive High School Teachers
The oftentimes forgotten individuals in educating and training students in preparation for automotive careers is the high school automotive teacher. Whether it's their use of personal funds to keep their programs going or their need for certification to keep their instructor and program status, CAWA wants to assist them in achieving success.

CAWA members could supply high school automotive teachers with products, tools and other resources for classroom use to assist them in providing relevant, up to date and quality education and training for their students. Access to industry training being conducted by CAWA members could be made available to the automotive high school teachers for their own knowledge and development. To assist the Association in the scholarship program, see how your company can help here in assisting CAWA to achieve success in this "cutting edge" scholarship program. For further information contact

Student Scholarship Applications Received this Year by CAWA Were the Highest Number Ever!
Scholarships Ninety-two applications were received this year which is a record number. The CAWA Scholarship Review Committee is reviewing the applications in preparation for the awards to be given out in June.

For more information regarding CAWA's scholarship program see and donate to assure this benefit continues for those students currently in the industry and those seeking careers in the auto care industry.

CAWA Leadership Days Presentations in Santa Barbara, CA - June 20-21, 2019
Presentations include: 
  • "Automotive Aftermarket eCommerce Secrets - A Comprehensive Approach to Making Your Competitors Irrelevant" - Tony Minock, CEO of Cellacore, Inc.  
  • "Understanding the Warehouseman's Role in the Skilled Trades Supply Chain" - John Gustafson, President of Gustafson Brothers, Inc. 
  • "Financing Growth: Get Your Banker to Say YES" - Brad Mewes, Principal, Supplemental Advisory - Driving Growth 
  • "What Pillars of the Auto Care Association Will Impact Your Business" - Tom Tucker, Auto Care Association, Director State Affairs 
For more information on CAWA Leadership Days, contact See the registration form here. Also, there are meeting and social event sponsorships available to members and friends.

e-Commerce is Reshaping the Aftermarket Supply Chain
As more auto parts companies sell product online, and as traditional online retailers like Amazon and eBay, as well as new companies like, enter the market, pressure has been high on aftermarket suppliers and distributors to keep up with increased demand. See further details here. Source: Search Autoparts

Don't Forget State-Mandated Anti-Harassment Training for Your Employees
Stop Harassment
If you have not gotten started on your efforts to provide anti-harassment training to your California employees, you need to get working on it now. Law passed last year puts the onus on most employers in the state to provide anti-sexual harassment training to their staff every two years. But there is plenty of confusion about how to conduct training as well as what to do with new hires, seasonal and temporary workers. We explain here. Recall, training is FREE to CAWA members through our partners at CoreMark Insurance. Contact Mat Nabity at or 866.340.2247.
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