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April 11, 2017 Week In Connections

Don't Forget to Register with the Board of Equalization (BOE) if You Sell Batteries in California
battery The lead-acid battery fee law ( Health and Safety Code (HSC) sections 25215 - 25215.75) requires all dealers and manufacturers of lead-acid batteries to register with the BOE. (see HSC 25215.45 (b).) Although these new fees may be imposed on retailers or manufacturers who are already registered with the BOE for sales and use tax purposes, these new lead-acid battery fee accounts are separate from other accounts the BOE administers such as the tire fee or e-waste fee. To register for these new accounts (available now) and file returns (July 2017) feepayers should Log In with their current BOE User ID and password or feepayers may select the New Registration link and select "Register a Business Activity" with BOE and select box number 1, "Selling items or goods in California". Then follow the prompts to register. For questions, see our legislative advocate, Gary Conover at or 916.492.0892.

CAWA is on the Border Adjustment Tax (in opposition)
CAWA is participating in a major coalition effort in opposition to the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) because of the negative impact it will have on import reliant industries, such as ours, and on consumers. Our coalition has over 400 members (trade associations and individual companies) See here for details - Americans for Affordable Products. Tell your federal legislator to oppose the BAT and sign up as a member of the coalition. Contact Jennifer Zins, Director of Government Affairs for more information at or 916.871.0603.

What Are Our European Colleagues Saying About Telematics? Sound Familiar?
See the video by clicking on this link:

Connected Car
Connected Car

CAWA Participates in the Levin's Auto Supply Show
Many members and prospective members were seen and stopped by the CAWA booth. Notice the theme was Hollywood and Star Wars actor Chewbacca was welcoming owners to the CAWA booth. The Association thanks Doug Stanley for the show invitation and reminds all that CAWA representatives would attend your shows, as well. Contact for further information. Another member benefit.

Levin 2017

Let Your Employees Know - Tax Credits and Free Tax Preparation are Available
If your employee made less than $14,161 last year, then they may be eligible for the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC), California's new cash back tax credit. If they made more than $14,161 and up to $53,267, they may qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. CalEITC4Me is here to help them learn how to get more cash back in their pocket this tax season. The website has all the information they need to find out if they are eligible and how to claim the tax credits for free. All they have to do is:  
  • Find out if they are eligible and for how much with the CalEITC4Me Calculator at
  • If they made $54,000 or less last year, search by city or zip code to find free help to file for free with our Free Tax Prep Finder at

CAWA Offers Promotional Discount for April Job Board Position Listings
CAWA's auto care industry specific job board, which reaches several hundred thousand potential employees throughout the nation, is discounting its job placement postings 20% in the month of April 2017. When posting your position on CAWA Career Center ( enter here) and its job board, simply use the code CAWADISCOUNT and the 20% discount will be applied before check out.


Nevada Legislative Proposals are on CAWA's Radar
Although there are no industry specific bills proposed in the 2017 Nevada legislative session, CAWA is vigilant through its legislative advocate, Greg Ferraro based in Reno. See the enclosed report of legislative proposals in the process ( here). Another member benefit.

Simple, No Cost Solutions Every Business Can Implement to Enhance Their Benefits Package!
The days of employer-paid benefits are disappearing faster than an ice cream cone in July - especially when you consider that most companies are not helping to offset the costs for much more than the major medical plan. In spite of increased health care costs, voluntary benefits are still popular even if employees are left to pick up the tab. Employers use voluntary plans to offer employees dental, vision, life, disability, and accident insurance at group rates, which are lower than what employees would pay if they purchased these plans on an individual basis. Our recommended voluntary carrier, Colonial Life, can put together a competitive package of plans to offer your employees. Voluntary plans offer many benefits to both the employee and to the employers. Here are five of them: 
  1. They can fill in the gaps of a limited employee benefits package. Adding additional coverage options gives employees the option to choose which coverages are important to them. 
  2. Pre-taxed dollars can be used to pay for these plans. Pre-taxing the premium costs saves both the employee and employers money. 
  3. Offers desirable benefits. Enhancing a benefits package helps attract and retain top employees. 
  4. Encourages preventive care. Many voluntary plans, such as accident or cancer plans, will pay cash benefits to employees when they seek preventative services. 
  5. Protection for families during the event of a death or serious injury. Group life or disability plans can help financially protect a family from a diminished household income.....and provide peace of mind. 

Please contact CAWA's endorsed insurance partner, Mat Nabity with CoreMark Insurance, for more information. Mat can be reached at (916) 286-0918 or

New Criminal Background Regulations Coming July 1 in California
The California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) approved new regulations last week relating to the use of criminal background information in employment decisions. These regulations will be filed with the Secretary of State's office and take effect on July 1. Employers will have additional burdens under the new regulations. The California Fair Employment and Housing Council (FEHC) proposed these criminal history regulations last year. In addition to reiterating existing prohibitions on the use of criminal history information in California, the regulations require employers to demonstrate that any criminal history information sought is job-related and consistent with a business necessity. For more detailed information see the enclosed article ( here). Source: California Chamber of Commerce

These Manufacturers Are Contributors in Support of CAWA's Government Affairs Program
These companies are financial supporters of the more than 70 automotive manufacturing companies that support CAWA's government affairs program. We want to recognize their support and thank them. For a complete list of companies see here.

Eastern Catalytic

New California Law Mandates Electronic Submission of Tax Returns, Wage Reports, and Payroll Tax Deposits for all Employers
Recall, beginning January 1, 2017, employers with 10 or more employees will be required to electronically submit employment tax returns, wage reports, and payroll tax deposits to the Employment Development Department (EDD). All remaining employers will be subject to this requirement beginning January 1, 2018. Any employer required under existing law to electronically submit wage reports and/or electronic funds transfer to the EDD will remain subject to those requirements. For more information, visit FAQs: E-file and E-pay Mandate for Employers. Questions, contact our California based attorney, Steve Marmaduke at or 916.421.2430. Another member benefit.

The Top Rules of the Most Successful Salespeople
Enclosed ( here) is a list of most important rules followed by the top 1% of salespeople. Burn these into your brain by reading them every morning when you first wake up and right before you go to bed for the next 30 days. After that read them once a week. Source: John Chapin

Sales Tips

Apply for Auto Care Internship Scholarships by May 1
Applications for the Auto Care Careers Internship Scholarship program are due by May 1, 2017. The scholarships provide financial support for students that have secured an internship in the auto care industry. Auto Care Careers Internship Scholarships are valued up to $2,500 and are intended for those enrolled in internship programs with direct application to the auto care industry and working in fields such as engineering, supply chain management, information technology, finance, sales and marketing, and other business functions. The scholarships help ease the financial burden of temporary relocation for interns traveling more than 100 miles from their permanent address to the internship, including the costs of travel, lodging, utilities and meals during the internship period. To apply, see here.

It's Tax Time and CAWA has a Resource Who Knows the Auto Care Industry that You Should Consider
An accounting and consulting firm, Wyman & Little, Inc, endorsed by CAWA and that many members currently use. Receive a $300 deduction in your dues should you become their client. Simply mention this article and start receiving accounting and consulting services from industry knowledgeable people. See here for details.

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