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June 20, 2017 Week In Connections

CAWA Awards Scholarships for the 2017 Year
CAWA is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2017 scholarship awards. CAWA is awarding $11,250 in scholarships this year to eleven individuals. "Each and every year, CAWA continues to support and assist young people in pursuing their education and careers in the auto care industry", said Rodney Pierini, President and CEO, in announcing the awards. For a list of recipients, see the enclosed press release ( here).   Another member benefit.

These Manufacturers Are Contributors in Support of CAWA's Government Affairs Program
These companies are financial supporters of the more than 70 automotive manufacturing companies that support CAWA's government affairs program. We want to recognize their support and thank them. For a complete list of companies see here.

Rare Parts Logo
Remy Power Products

Do You Want to Assist the Arizona Governor in Reducing Regulations?
Arizona CAWA encourages all Arizona members to submit any concerns with laws, rules or other burdensome government requirements in order for the Association to work with the Governor's office and the respective state agencies to address such matters. 

See for details and/or contact our Phoenix based legislative advocate Stuart Goodman at 602.617.5708 or

A Day in the Life of a Successful Salesperson
Over the years people have asked me if I have daily rituals, habits, or a schedule I follow. While it's varied a bit over the years, and I've tweaked it here and there, here's my current daily schedule, and pretty much what I recommend for salespeople, entrepreneurs, and business owners. By the way, this tends to be my schedule every day as almost every day is a work day for me. See more here. Source: John Chapin
Successful Salesperson

Want to Encourage a Northwood University Student to Intern with Your Company?
The Northwood Career Advancement department has information available online about internships. Companies can post jobs and send an email to Donna Wagner at (989.837.5149) about the opportunities so she can let the students know. See for further details.

Some Interesting Facts About Jobbers and Retail Auto Parts Stores
There are two types of Auto Parts Stores in the U.S. aftermarket: Jobbers and Retail Auto Parts Stores.
  • The mix of Auto Parts Stores (Jobbers and Retail Auto Parts Stores) has changed dramatically over the past five years. 
  • From 2011 to 2016, the number of Jobber stores fell by nearly 1,000. At the same time, the Retail Auto Parts Store population soared by almost 3,300. ยท
  • Despite a decline in Jobber outlets, the number of Auto Parts Stores nationwide (Jobbers and Retail Auto Parts Stores) increased by nearly 2,300 between 2011 and 2016. 
  • There were 560 more Jobber outlets than Retail Auto Parts Stores at mid-year 2011. By 2016, there were over 2,600 more Retail Auto Parts Stores than Jobbers nationwide. 
  • Retail Auto Parts Stores climbed from 48% to 54% of Auto Parts Stores across the country during these five years. 

Source: The Lang Report

Supreme Court Decision Delivers Major Victory for Aftermarket
US Supreme Court
In a major victory for the auto care industry, the Supreme Court upheld the legal precedent of patent exhaustion, which states that a company's right to protect its patent ends when the product is sold to the end user. Information from an amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court by CAWA's national partner, the Auto Care Association, was used by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. in reversing the Federal Circuit decision that would have been damaging to the manufacture and sales of aftermarket parts. For details, see here.

CAWA's Member - SSF Imported Auto Parts has a Contest for Techs Going - Spread the Word!
If you've ever said to yourself that you just might be "the best automotive technician in the world," here's your chance to prove it! SSF is searching for the top three automotive technicians in the country to represent America at the AP Expert International Technicians Challenge; an all-expenses-covered event in Poland later this year. And the winner of the challenge will not only have the bragging rights to call him or herself "the best," but will also walk away with the grand prize of 5,000 euros! For further details, see here.

Commissioner Approves 7.8% Reduction in Benchmark Workers Compensation Rate
The California state insurance commissioner has approved a recommendation to reduce average baseline rates on workers' compensation policies by 7.8% at the mid-year mark. The mid-year reduction to the baseline rate is largely the result of reforms that were introduced in 2013 that have sped up the settlement process for claims (including many long-term claims), in addition to reducing medical costs. Also, because of these reforms the cost of adjusting workers' comp claims in California has dropped over the past few years. Insurers are free to price their policies based on a number of factors and every employer will see a different result from this change. For more information on workers comp policies and to receive a quote, see our partner at Armstrong & Associates, Glen Dailey at or 866.923.7767.
Workers Comp

New Lower Pricing on CAWA's Industry Job Board
The CAWA Careers Industry Job Board now features new lower pricing, starting as low as $75 per listing, for jobs posted throughout a broad industry network. By visiting here, hiring managers will find new job posting rates, starting at $75 for technician positions and $105 for a single 30-day post. Multiple posting packages are available and internship postings continue to be available at no charge. 

Each posting made on the CAWA Industry Job Board is automatically posted on multiple industry job board sites, enabling employers to see all candidates in one network. The CAWA Industry Job Board network includes the following organizations: 
  • Auto Care Association Automotive Service Association (ASA) 
  • CAWA- Representing the Automotive Parts Industry 
  • Custom Automotive Network (CAN, formerly PWA) 
  • National Independent Automotive Dealer Association (NIADA) 
  • Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 
  • Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) 

For more information, contact or call 800.332.2292. Another member benefit.

CAWA Job Board
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