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October 9, 2018 Week In Connections

Bob Cushing of Advance Auto Parts Will Keynote CAWA's Annual Dinner Gala - Be There!
The event recognizes the outgoing chairman's service and commitment to CAWA and industry with its "Red Vest" award ceremony. Mr. Bob Cushing, President and CEO, WORLDPAC and Executive Vice President, Advance Professional will give this year's keynote address at the event. The gala will be held at Caesar's Palace on Sunday evening October 28, 2018.

Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. will once again be the exclusive sponsor of their 2018 Gala Dinner in conjunction with the annual AAPEX and SEMA trade shows being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual gala event is the highlight of the year for the Association, and is dedicated to raising funds for the Association's scholarship programs. To register for the event, click here. Another member benefit.

Californians - Get Ready for Next Year's (2019) Minimum Wage Increases
As 2018 winds down, it's time to prepare for the minimum wage changes that begin January 1, 2019. A little refresher on how we got here: In 2016, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed SB 3, making California the first state in the nation that committed to raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour statewide. Under the bill, California's minimum wage increases annually so it hits $15 per hour for all businesses by 2023. For additional details regarding minimum wage issues, see here. Source: Our friends at the California Chamber of Commerce

A Reason Many Salespeople Fail and How to Avoid It
According to a U.S. Department of Commerce research study, in the first five years of a business the survival rate for independent small businesses is less than 20% but the survival rate for franchises is 95%. It's the fact that with a franchise you get to utilize a turn- key set of business operations [a successful system that works] as opposed to having to invent the wheel in your own business.

My colleagues own research found that salespeople and entrepreneurs that follow a sales system are 10 times as likely to be successful as those that don't. The reason why this is true may not be what you expect. It's also not the same exact reason for franchise success, though it's similar. The primary reason why salespeople following a system are 10 times as successful as those that don't, is that they care enough to have a system to begin with. For more click here. Source: John Chapin
Successful Salespeople

The Year End Legislative Report - California
See the enclosure ( here) of the bills CAWA supported, opposed or simply watched during the 2018 session in Sacramento. Contact our legislative advocate Gary Conover for further information regarding this report. He can be reached at 916.233.9655 or Another member benefit.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) Partners with CAWA to Educate the Public on Their Vehicle Warranty Rights
See the enclosed snap shot ( here) of a BAR Facebook post on this subject. CAWA is committed to educating the industry and motoring public regarding vehicle warranty rights. 

Recall, earlier we had a video presented in all 735 Department of Motor Vehicles waiting rooms that highlighted a vehicle owners warranty rights. The Association is in business to keep you in business. Another member benefit.

Voting Guide to Arizona Ballot Propositions - November 6, 2018 General Election
This voting guide is intended to educate interested voters about the ballot propositions on the November 2018 General Election ballot in Arizona. Nothing in this document should be construed as an endorsement or opposition to any particular ballot proposition. Rather, diligent care was taken to objectively describe each ballot proposition and to provide the typical arguments used by proponents and opponents, respectively. Click here for more information on the ballot measures. Source: CAWA's Legislative Advocate in Arizona - Stuart Goodman. He can be reached at or 602.617.5708. Another member benefit.

New NAFTA Announced: U.S., Canada and Mexico Reach Trilateral Trade Agreement
On Sunday, Sept. 30, the United States, Canada and Mexico reached a new trade agreement to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) right before the U.S.-imposed deadline. NAFTA is still in effect while the new agreement, called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), goes through Congressional review. In terms of autos and auto parts, the updated auto rules of origin ( Chapter 4) requires that 75 percent of a vehicle's content must come from North America, up from the current 62.5 percent, in order to receive duty-free treatment. The agreement also includes a labor wage provision requiring a percentage of a vehicle to originate from workers earning at least $16/hour to be eligible for duty-free treatment. Review the full text of the trade agreement for more details. USTR has released a couple factsheets as well: 
View Auto Care's NAFTA resource page here

Source: Our friends at the Auto Care Association

CARB Is Cracking Down on Illegal Diesel Soot Filters
It is illegal to sell or install a used diesel soot filter for use in heavy-duty trucks in California. It is also illegal for a business to install one of these filters without being authorized by the filter manufacturer. In 2017, a repair shop was caught selling and installing illegal parts, agreed to a settlement that included additional monetary penalties should they violate the terms of the agreement by installing even one diesel particulate filter. Several other diesel repair shops are now under investigation for selling and installing illegal filters. For more information, contact CAWA's legislative advocate, Gary Conover at 916.233.9555 or

The Federal Government has Rules Regarding Air Conditioning Refrigerants Too!
Recently the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spoke of the importance of vehicle repairers staying informed about federal regulations governing mobile air-conditioning refrigerants. Section 609 of the Clean Air Act (CAA) governs the most important requirements affecting service technicians, shop owners, and refrigerant retailers. EPA notes three general guidelines relative to refrigerant regulations: 
  1. Refrigerant: Must be approved by EPA and cannot be intentionally released (vented) to the environment. 
  2. Servicing: When payment of any kind is involved (including non-monetary), any person working on an MVAC (Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning) system must be certified under section 609 of the CAA and they must use approved refrigerant handling equipment. 
  3. Reusing Refrigerant: Refrigerant must be properly recycled or reclaimed before it can be reused, even if it is being returned to the vehicle from which it was removed. 
For more information, click here and contact CAWA's legislative advocate, Gary Conover, with questions. He can be reached at or 916.233.9655. Source of article: Search Autoparts. Another member benefit.

Looking for Quality Employees on an Industry Specific Job Board?
The CAWA Career Center is more than just a place to post job opportunities. In fact, we offer something of far greater value than other recruitment sites. Check it out today! Another member benefit.
CAWA Career Center

Unsure About the Efficiencies and Pricing of Your Credit Card Processing System - Save up to $1,000 with CAWA
A valued member of CAWA, we conduct free, no obligation fee analyses, and ways that we can improve upon it. If you sign up with SFS we will waive all credit card processing fees (UP TO $1000) for the first month! See details here and for more information contact CAWA's partner: Todd Lazar Toll Free 888-737-7762 or Another member benefit.
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