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Thank You to Our Sponsor of This Edition of CAWA Connections

Automotive Distribution Network
July 3, 2018 Week In Connections

Michael Rukov of RepWorks Marketing is Elected CAWA's 2019 Secretary to the Board of Directors
At the Leadership Meeting in Newport Beach, the Board of Director's elected Michael Rukov of RepWorks Marketing to be its Secretary beginning in 2019. In other meetings and events, the attendees heard and discussed a variety of industry specific issues. From Prop 65 compliance to CARB regulations, to mergers & acquisitions and current technologies to the future of technicians in the industry, there was much to ponder as aftermarket business owners and associates. The next Leadership Meeting is scheduled for Napa on January 31 and February 1, 2019. Watch for details as the 2018 year ends.

CAWA Leadership Meeting
CAWA attendees hear from experts on a variety of industry issues

CAWA is grateful for the following sponsors of the Newport Beach Leadership Meeting:


Jack Gosnell, Chair of the CAWA Board of Directors, Appoints Daniel Biezonsky of the Dynamic Friction Company to the Association's Manufacturers' Advisory Council
CAWA Chair of the Board, Jack Gosnell of Next Level Parts, has appointed Daniel Biezonsky of the Dynamic Friction Company to the Association's Manufacturers' Advisory Council (MAC). When Chair Gosnell announced Mr. Biezonsky's appointment he commented, "Daniel has attended several CAWA leadership meetings in the past and the Association is pleased he has stepped up to serve in CAWA's leadership". "We know and appreciate the fact that he will contribute to the future successes of the Association and the industry it serves". See full press release here.

Daniel Biezonsky
Daniel Biezonsky

"Why Isn't My Automotive Site on Google's Front Page?"
Search engine ranking and visibility is the end game to search engine optimization. You want your site to be a top contender for rank organically on Google's search engine. You've created a website for your business. You've sent it out into the world wide web. You're sure you've done everything right. But, um, wait... it isn't on the first page. What's that about? See the enclosed article of interest ( here) by our friends at NetDriven.

CAWA is Pleased to Announce the Recipients of its 2018 Scholarship Awards
CAWA provided $11,750 in scholarships this year to fourteen individuals of which nine students also received a $500 Powerbuilt certificate thanks to All Trade Tools. "Once again, CAWA is proud to assist these young people in pursuing their education and careers in the auto care industry", said Rodney Pierini, President and CEO, in announcing the awards. "Furthermore, we thank All Trade Tools for their support and outstanding contribution to this year's awards", Pierini continued. See the complete press release for names of the awardees here.
2018 Scholarship Awards
Presenting the awards to 5 of the 14 students receiving awards this year are Mort Schwartz of Schwartz Advisors and Greg Livingston of All Trade Tools

What You Need to Know Regarding Mergers & Acquisitions - Even Though You May Not be Selling Your Business
See the PowerPoint Presentation (click here) on this subject as presented to the attendees at the CAWA June Leadership Meeting. The presentation was given by Rick Schwartz of Schwartz Advisors and may be of interest to you. There are a myriad of issues to contemplate as our auto care world continues to change and evolve. This presentation stimulates discussion and reflection on those issues. Enjoy the PowerPoint.

Traditional Distribution Forges Ahead as Counter Professionals Wield Enormous Influence in Parts Sales
Babcox Media surveys hundreds of repair shops and technicians annually to determine where, how and why they source the specific auto parts and products they do. The results are overwhelmingly positive for the traditional auto care distribution segment. See here for details. Source: 2017 Counterman Profile

Four Keys to Massive Sales Success
I was recently speaking with an extremely successful executive (he asked to remain anonymous) who is known for being able to walk into an organization, clear away all the clutter and b.s., and make them extremely successful. He boiled his process down to four keys which can also be applied to successful selling. See the four keys, here. Source: John Chapin
Sales success

Follow the Tried-and-True Path to Sales Success - Avoid Sales Gimmicks
Over the past week I've been inundated with e-mails for webinars, classes, and courses telling me that sales and business building is easy. They claim that you don't have to work hard, just listen to the webinar and you'll get the magic bullet to working a fraction of the hours you're currently working while closing 90% of the people you talk to. Oh, and don't worry about the fear and discomfort that usually stop you, with their secret formula those will magically disappear. It will be all sunshine and rainbows. See more here. Source: John Chapin

Looking for Quality Employees?
Jobs posted to the CAWA Career Center are automatically searchable through Google for Jobs; bringing even greater exposure to your open positions while creating a new source of active and passive candidate traffic. Learn more here.
CAWA Career Board  

Card Brand Announcements, Spring 2018 Part One - from Superior Financial Services
Periodically the Card Brands release updates and new requirements for processing credit cards in the United States. All merchants are encouraged to read the following announcements, and contact their merchant service provider or Superior Financial Systems, Inc. if they have questions regarding the new information. See more details here.

We Wish You a Happy and Safe July 4th Celebration
Happy 4th of July
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