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Thank You to Our Sponsor of This Edition of CAWA Connections

Automotive Distribution Network
May 8, 2018 Week In Connections

The # 1 Person at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will be at CAWA's June Leadership Meeting
Below is a list of discussion issues we recommended to the Executive Officer of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Richard Corey, when he meets with us at CAWA's Leadership Meeting in June.  
  • OBD cyber security measures 
  • Emissions issues/regulations 
  • Catalytic converter issues 
  • Access to repair information policy 
  • VOC issues /regulations (if under the purview of CARB) 
  • R-134 a refrigerant issues/consumer education 
  • Impending new regulations on the Prop 65 deadline of August 30, 2018 
  • Examination of other and future automotive related issues to be undertaken by CARB 
  • How can CAWA, as an automotive trade association, assist CARB in its mission and communications to the industry? 
To register for the meeting click here. Thanks to all the meeting sponsors (see below) and CAWA is also proud to host a Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) Regional Meet-Up in conjunction with this Leadership Meeting.

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Schwartz Advisors

Total Lubricants


Best Practices Guide for Small Employers in Recruiting and Hiring National Guard Members, Veterans and Reservists
Hire Military This Edition of the Guide is tailored for smaller employers which rely on smaller HR functions and organization leaders to recruit new employees. It provides short summaries for each of 28 best practices along with suggested action steps and insights to give you a head start and help avoid time-wasting missteps. Links to government agencies and nonprofit resources are included.

                           Free Download!

Requirement for Exception-Workers Comp Coverage - Pay Attention Here!
A new California state law introduces new rules that define what constitutes an owner or officer who is exempt from having to carry workers' comp coverage. The legislation amends current law that limits the number of individuals in an organization who could claim an exemption from workers' comp coverage. It does this by requiring that the individual own 15% of the company. See details here: That's about to change and it could affect your business. See Mat Nabity for assistance at or 916.835.1676.  Source: Our Insurance Partners at CoreMark Insurance

All Trade Tools Steps Up in Support of CAWA's Scholarship Program
Scholarship We are pleased to announce that All Trade Tools, thanks to CAWA Board member Greg Livingston, will make available "$500 Powerbuilt gift certificates" to the 2018 Association scholarship awardees. Thanks Greg for All Trade Tool's graciousness and support of CAWA's Scholarship Program.

Scholarships will be announced this month. The Association received 57 applications for an award which is the highest number in recent years. To see the complete press release click here. For more information, contact CAWA's President & CEO, Rodney Pierini at 800.332.2292, ext. 1201 or

Sales Success Lessons I Learned from My Mom
My mom passed away recently. As I was writing her eulogy, I realized that a lot of what she stood for, and a lot of what she taught me, led to my sales success. As I looked deeper, I realized that most of her examples also had to do with success in life, not just sales. Mom's Lessons for Sales and Life Success (see here). Source: John Chapin

The Aftermarket Telematics Debate Between Data Security and Access
Telematics As telematics systems become part of, and evolve into, a "connected car" ecosystem in new automobiles, consumer privacy and technology security advocates have begun ringing alarm bells about the new vulnerabilities these systems represent.

A mix of telematics and other types of connectivity solutions have emerged - dongle-based third-party systems, usage-based insurance (UBI) solutions, smartphone-connected systems, and increasingly advanced (and proprietary) OEM systems. If not properly secured, these systems could be used by hackers to gain access to drivers' personal information or payment data, or (in a worst-case scenario) gain control of systems within the vehicle itself. See more here. Source: Brian Albright, Aftermarket Business World

Do You or Will You Ever Have this Employee Issue?
An employee who has been something of a problem for the company came to me today, and stated that she was quitting. She told me she was giving me two weeks' notice, and that her last day would be a week from Friday. I'm concerned that this employee will be disruptive during these next two weeks, and I'd rather not have her creating problems. Can I tell her that today can be her last day, and that we're accepting her resignation effective today rather than in two weeks? See guidance here. Source: Our friends at the California Chamber of Commerce

Net Driven® And CAWA Want To Help You Sell More Parts!
As a preferred partner, Net Driven® provides best-in-class digital marketing strategies exclusively for the automotive industry. Net Driven®'s 3-step solution drives online customers to dealers through a proprietary website platform, effective SEO practices, and comprehensive analysis and support to drive more sales. 

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