Nevada Legislation Aimed at Restricting Use of Aftermarket Parts Advancing in Legislature

CAWA Member Alert/Call to Action
March 4, 2019

Attention Nevada Members and Others Doing Business in Nevada

Your help needed to defeat AB 173 (Carrillo)

A bill is advancing in Nevada Legislature, Assembly Bill 173, that as proposed, seeks to prohibit the use of aftermarket parts. If passed AB 173 would impact the nearly 18,000 jobs the aftermarket industry provides in the state and the economic output of $2.5 billion.

Proponents of this bill are making false claims, stating that this is a consumer protection issue, however are not providing real-world evidence where the use of aftermarket parts has caused accident, injury or death.

AB 173 is harmful in so many ways:
  • The bill would require a waiver to be signed by the consumer, which creates fear surrounding aftermarket parts, giving the perception they are inferior.
  • The idea that only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts should be used to preserve a vehicles warranty is a misconception. The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act prevents tying the required use of a particular part to a motor vehicles warranty.
  • This bill would require an insurer to repair a motor vehicle utilizing the recommendation of the motor vehicle manufacturer. To think that a car company would ever recommend a part other than a brand-new OEM part is absurd.
By restricting use of alternative automotive crash parts this legislation creates a monopoly for car company parts. Today, collision parts .... tomorrow, under hood replacement parts???

AB 173 will be up for vote on March 13 in Carson City so we need your immediate attention. 

Here's how you can help:
  • Attend and testify at hearings - work attire encouraged
    • AB 173 will be up for vote by the Assembly Labor and Commerce Committee on March 13th. If you are able to attend the hearing please contact Jennifer Zins at 916.871.0603 or
    • Talking points and pre-meeting with lobbyist will be provided
  • Submit letters of opposition
    • Sample letter attached here, please personalize with your company info, put on letterhead and email to the following Members of the Assembly Labor and Commerce Committee (see below)
  • Call your Legislator and tell them why they should oppose AB 173
    • Phone numbers located below
  • Engage and share on social media
    • Sample social media posts provided here and Twitter handles below
Assembly Labor and Commerce Committee Member
Email Address
Phone Number
Twitter Handle
Chair, Ellen Spiegel
Vice Chair, Jason Frierson
Maggie Carlton
Skip Daly
Sandra Jauregui
Susan Martinez
William McCurdy II
Dina Neal
Steve Yeager
Chris Edwards
Melissa Hardy
Al Kramer
Jill Tolles

Thank you for your immediate attention to this important call to action. For questions or if you need additional information please contact CAWA Director of Government Affairs Jennifer Zins at 916.871.0603 or

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