September 3, 2020
CAWG Statement on Smoke Exposure Events, Winegrapes and Wineries
CAWG’s top priority is to protect and promote the interests of winegrape growers. We know harvest is a stressful and hectic time, and now our grower members are also dealing with the issue of potential smoke exposure from last month’s devastating wildfires.
Today, CAWG President John Aguirre issued a lengthy statement to increase awareness about the many complicated consequences affecting winegrape growers and wineries as a result of wildfires. In the statement, Aguirre urges California wineries to work with their grower partners to address the shared risks resulting from smoke exposure, and he offers specific recommendations to achieve this.
“CAWG recognizes the timing of recent wildfires presents exceptional challenges for growers and wineries. We are confident that growers and wineries will unite to overcome current and future challenges, protect the California brand and ensure our wines meet consumers’ expectations for quality and value.”

Grower Sampling and Micro-Fermentation Protocols
The West Coast Smoke Exposure Task Force has developed two documents to assist growers and winemakers who need to collect grape samples for lab analysis or those who want to conduct a micro-fermentation:

CAWG Webinar: Wildfire and Smoke Exposure – Employee Safety
Thank you to those who joined our Sept. 1 webinar. To access a recording – along with CAWG’s sample forms that can be used for safety meetings, plus a liability waiver for voluntary respirator use – click here. Membership credentials are required to access these, so contact Natalie Collins if you need your information.
Resources and Articles
>CAWG: Aug. 27 eNews includes a list of state and federal resources.

Billing and service modifications are outlined.
Press release, Sept. 2

Sonoma Index-Tribune, Aug. 31

Daily Democrat, Aug. 31

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In Memoriam: Tom Berryhill
We are saddened to share that our dear friend, Tom Berryhill, passed away on Aug. 29. We express our deepest condolences to the Berryhill family, as well as Tom’s colleagues and friends.

Tom was born in Ceres and was a small businessman and fourth-generation farmer. He served on the CAWG board of directors from 1998-2006. He then represented the 25th Assembly District from 2006-2010 and the 8th Senate District from 2010-2018. After his time in state office, he returned to Ceres, where he served on the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors.

Tom was always a strong advocate for agriculture, water issues and public safety. His family was steeped in politics; his brother Bill, current CAWG director, also served in the California Legislature, and their father, the late Clare Berryhill, was a longtime Republican legislator who also served as state food and agriculture director. State Sen. Andreas Borgeas said it best: "Our community has lost a giant!"

The September issue of The Crush will include an article on Tom.

Government Relations Report
California Democratic leaders have long sought the expansion of paid and job-protected leave for employees needing time off to deal with family health issues or bond with a new child. SB 1383 (Jackson) was this year’s top priority for First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom and the Legislative Women’s Caucus.   
This bill imposes a 12-week employee leave mandate on very small employers and creates the potential for a 6-month leave mandate on larger employers. Assemblymember Buffy Wicks filed a request to vote by proxy on SB 1383. This is allowed under a rule which provides that assemblymembers who are in a higher risk category for COVID-19 can vote by proxy. 
She made the request because she gave birth to her daughter Elly only four weeks ago. Nonetheless, Speaker Anthony Rendon denied Wicks’ request. Initially Rendon indicated that he denied the request because Wicks was not in a higher risk category. Rendon later apologized
The California Legislature has long been accused of creating employer mandates, but refusing to comply with those requirements themselves. The Assembly’s denial of a new mom, seeking to cast her vote on leave law legislation, is incredibly ironic.   
SB 1383 passed Monday evening with only three minutes left in the legislative session. Ultimately, Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula (D-Fresno) was the deciding vote. Arambula was then quickly removed from his position as leader of the moderate Democratic caucus, which was opposed to SB 1383.  

Senate District 11 includes all of San Francisco as well as Colma and Daly City. In the Senate, this district has the third-largest Democratic advantage over Republicans. It is clearly a Democratic seat. Incumbent Sen. Scott Wiener (D) is an LGBTQ community and Democratic Party leader, and he is liberal in every sense of the word. So why is Wiener looking over his shoulder? 
This is because in the 2016 general election, Wiener barely defeated fellow supervisor Jane Kim (D) 51-49 percent. Wiener was viewed as the “establishment” candidate while Kim was “progressive.” Four years later, Weiner is in another Dem vs. Dem general election contest. This year, he is facing politically unknown Jackie Fielder.   
Before the February primary, a local SF media website, Mission Local, wrote the following of Fielder: 
She’s 25 and of Mexican and indigenous (Lakota and Hidatsa) descent. She’s a lecturer at San Francisco State University’s ethnic studies department. To supplement her income, she’s served at restaurants and tended bar. When she’s not crashing on her friends’ couches, she’s sleeping in her 1994 Toyota Previa minivan. She’s also openly queer and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. 
“I feel like Jackie is our AOC,” said Sam Lew, a policy director at the Coalition on Homelessness. 

-Michael Miiller / / (916) 204-0485
Podcast: Carbon Sequestration
The Vineyard Team’s Sept. 3 podcast features Dr. Charlotte Decock, an assistant professor with the Cal Poly Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences. She talks about soil management with the goal of capturing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere and sequestering them in the soil. Her teaching and research focus on sustainable fertilizer and soil management in California specialty crops.

>PODCAST (20 minutes)
"What If?" September is National Preparedness Month
The website offers numerous resources for families, businesses and communities. Emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s critical to ask “what if?” and start preparing your disaster/emergency plan.

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California's New Tiered Reopening Plan
In a new effort to reduce COVID-19 cases, Gov. Newsom unveiled a four-tiered color classification for counties seeking to reopen their economy. It went into effect on Aug. 31.


The Blueprint for a Safer Economy makes a number of changes to the state’s previous resilience roadmap and provides revised criteria for loosening and tightening restrictions on businesses and activities. Counties will have a mandatory three-week waiting period in order to move to a less restrictive tier.

On the website, enter your county to view the status of businesses and activities, including wineries.

Housing for Harvest Starts Up in Three Counties
More than a month after Gov. Newsom announced Housing for the Harvest, the program will soon launch in Fresno, San Joaquin and Santa Barbara counties. The temporary hotel housing will provide a safe isolation space for farmworkers and food processing employees who test positive or were exposed to the virus, and would limit their risk of spreading COVID-19 to coworkers or family members. Housing for the Harvest will eventually be made available in all counties.

Start Promoting Wine Month Virtual Events
September is California Wine Month and the Discover California Wines website is providing a list of virtual events, virtual tastings and offers throughout the state. Remember to use #CaliforniaWineMonth on social media!

Vineyards & Wine

Join JSC on Sept. 8 for the opening of its new location in the Victor/Lodi area.

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By Stan Grant, viticulturist.
Lodi Wine Growers, Aug. 31

The bill passed the Senate and Assembly, and heads next to Newsom for a signature.
Press release, Aug. 31