Last week, CAWP released a brand-new resource on the 2020 presidential election for educators, students, scholars, journalists, and anyone reflecting on 2020 and preparing to watch the 2024 presidential election unfold. Tracking Gender in the 2020 Presidential Election is a digital timeline and companion essay that applies a gender and intersectional lens to key events during the 2020 campaign. With embedded videos, graphics, and social media content, it provides clear examples of how presidential politics remain influenced by gender and race, specifically in: the ways in which candidates – women and men – navigate campaigns; the ways candidates are perceived, evaluated, and treated by voters, media, and opponents; and the ways in which voters make electoral decisions. The timeline is easy to explore with sortable tags and includes brief analyses and context in individual posts, while the companion essay provides additional context and examines key themes explored and illustrated in the timeline itself. View the full timeline here.