April 26, 2016
A newsletter to keep you informed about all things women and politics from the Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University.

Presidential Gender Watch takes the cake
The birthday cake, that is. Celebrating its first year, PGW offered some useful lessons  taken from a year of analysis of the contest for the White House. Also new on the PGW2016 website: detailed info on exit polls  from the Democratic and GOP primaries to date. Keep up with PGW on Facebook  and Twitter .
Speak up without fear
Does public speaking make you anxious? You're not alone, but now CAWP offers an opportunity to break through your fears and become a more polished presenter. Sign up for Public Speaking: Effective Presentation and Communications with trainer Karla Jackson Brewer on Tuesday, June 21st from 9:00 am to noon. With just 30 seats, this workshop will fill up fast; get the details and register here. 
Worth thousands of words
Congratulations to Washington Post photographer Melina Mara on her first-place award in the White House News Photographers Association 2016 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Political Portfolio  category. We've been fans of Mara's work since CAWP first worked with her on Changing the Face of Power: Women in the U.S. Senate.
Spring is a time of renewal, bringing new challenges and opportunities for women's leadership. Please renew your support of CAWP's work with a gift of $25 or more.
The grownups in the room
Recent energy legislation came about largely because a bipartisan team of women worked it out. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer  has the story.
The future of the GOP
The presidential race gets most of the press, but S. E. Cupp in Glamour showcases Republican women running in races to watch further down the ballot.

Where women have served
Vox offers a clever interactive map for discovering which states have sent women to the House, Senate, both, or (in three cases) neither. Get to work, Delaware, Mississippi and Vermont!
Do term limits help women?
When a number of states established term limits, some were hopeful that the measure might increase the number of women lawmakers, opening more seats that women could fill. Has that theory been proven? No, says Governing .

She's a mom - and a congressional candidate
Roll Call  tells the story of Erin Houchin, an Indiana state senator running in a congressional primary, who is "part of a whole generation of female candidates who tout motherhood as an asset on the campaign trail."

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