May 15, 2018
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Major Media Outlets Rely on CAWP Data and Analysis
Throughout this election season - an  epic one for women - major media outlets have relied on CAWP for data and analysis. We're proud to be a trusted source for Associated Press, CNNNewsweek, The New York Times, NPR POLITICO , The Wall Street Journal The Washington Post , and others, helping shape the stories about the surge of women candidates at every level across the country. We're pouring our collective expertise into this vital work, relying on your generosity to fund the fight for women's political equality.

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Under-Promise And Over-Deliver
Read the piece in the HuffPost by CAWP scholar Kelly Dittmar and CAWP director Debbie Walsh to find out why they are taking a more nuanced approach to forecasting the success of women candidates in 2018.
PRIMARY UPDATE: Women Win 1/3 of Last Week's U.S. House primaries, Most in Districts Favoring Opponents
Gender Watch 2018, a project of CAWP and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, crunched the numbers from last Tuesday's primary elections in IN, NC, OH, and WV. See the full analysis of how women candidates fared across these states.  
Gender Watch 2018 is tracking women candidates in today's primary contests. Before tuning in to tonight's results, see outlooks for women running in Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, and  Pennsylvania. For real-time results, follow Gender Watch 2018 on Twitter and Facebook.
Girl Scouts Take the Lead
CAWP was honored to co-host a "Women in Action!" workshop with the Girl Scouts of New Jersey on Saturday, May 5th.  More than 40 high school girls learned about campaigning, advocacy, and public leadership. Special thanks to the women public leaders who served as mentors: NJ Senator Kristin Corrado; Amanda De Palma, former deputy chief of staff to Governor Chris Christie; NJ Assemblywoman Joann Downey; Union County Freeholder Angela Garretson; Ginger Gold Schnitzer, Director of Government Relations, NJEA; West Windsor Councilwoman Ayesha Hamilton; and Passaic County Surrogate Bernice Toledo. Most especially, thanks to the young women who participated; our future is in good hands with them leading the way!

Susan J. Carroll Receives Rutgers Scholar-Teacher Award
Sue with her former graduate students: Christabel Cruz, Kelly Dittmar and Erin Heidt-Forsythe.
CAWP senior scholar Susan J. Carroll was awarded the Rutgers University Scholar-Teacher Award for her role as a pioneer in the research and teaching of women and politics. Carroll has been integral to CAWP and its research mission for over three decades and has taught and mentored countless students in Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies. She helped found the Women and Politics Ph.D. program in the Political Science Department, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and remains the only program of its kind. Carroll was also a founder of the national Women and Politics organized research section of the American Political Science Association.

Changing of the Guard
The NEW Leadership™ program is about to undergo its first leadership change in 17 years! Sasha Patterson will be leaving CAWP after 20 years. She began her career here in 1998 as a graduate student assisting with the first grant we received from the Kellogg Foundation that allowed us to establish the NEW Leadership™ Development Network. Since then, she has completed her Ph.D. and become the Director of the NEW Leadership™ program, overseeing both the Development Network and the NEW Leadership™ New Jersey summer institute. In that time, the Network has grown from the initial nine partners to serving students in 26 states. We are very grateful to Sasha for her dedication and commitment to the program and for her many contributions to CAWP. She will be moving to Washington State and while we are happy for her as she begins a new adventure, all of us here at CAWP will miss her and wish her all the best on her next chapter. Her last day at CAWP will be June 30th .  
At the same time, we are delighted to welcome Christabel Cruz as the incoming Director of NEW Leadership™. Christabel is a current Ph.D. candidate in the departm
ent of political science at Rutgers University-New Brunswick where she is majoring i n women and politics and minoring in American politics and race & ethnicity politics. Her graduate research explores Latina candidate emergence and political ambition in local ethnic politics. She graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Art History from Rutgers in 2011, where she was also an Eagleton Undergraduate Associate. She received a Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies from Rutgers University in 2013. You can learn more about Christabel here .
Please join us in thanking Sasha for all she has done for NEW Leadership™ and welcoming Christabel to her new role as NEW Leadership™ Director.

More women running means more than getting women elected - women candidates are changing the rules of the game.  FEC Says That Candidates Can Use Campaign Funds For Child Care, reports NPR.
This year Congress could be invaded by female combat veterans, writes Al Benninghoff, Heather James and Stephanie Szitanyi, opinion contributors for The Hill.
Glynda C. Carr and Kimberly Peeler-Allen report in Rewire.News that When Black Women Try to Take Seats of Power, They're Met With a Litany of Criticism
CAWP scholar Kelly Dittmar prepared a clip for C-Span of Debbie Lesko taking the oath of office as U.S. Representative (R-AZ).
More Women In Congress, Please , says Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash), Chair of the House Republican Conference, at  
Women Step Up for State Office, says Susan Milligan for The Washington Post.

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