Voters will head to the polls on November 2nd for regular elections for state legislative and statewide executive offices in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as special congressional elections in Florida and Ohio. This year, Virginia will almost certainly elect the first woman of color to statewide elected executive office, as the race will be contested between Republican Winsome Sears, who identifies as Black, and Democrat Hala Ayala, who identifies as multiracial (Black, Latina, Middle Eastern/North African, and white). Meanwhile, in New Jersey, no Asian or Pacific Islander (API) woman has ever served in the state legislature, despite the fact that more than 10% of the state’s population is Asian or Pacific Islander. That could change this year, with at least 6 API women candidates vying for seats in the New Jersey General Assembly. In special elections, three women are running in the Democratic primary for Florida’s 20th congressional district, which will be held on November 2nd, and, in Ohio, women candidates are running in general contests for both the OH-11 and OH-15 special elections. Also happening on Election Day, Boston will elect for the first time a person of color and a woman as mayor, as Annissa Essaibi George and Michelle Wu compete in the final round of the city's mayoral election (Kim Janey, who became acting mayor when Marty Walsh joined the Biden Cabinet, is the first person to lead the city who was not a white man). Learn more about the women running for office in 2021 on CAWP’s Election Watch page.