November 7, 2016
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Election Scorecard: Track Women Candidates with CAWP 

Everyone is talking about the top of the ticket, but what's happening in congressional and statewide races? CAWP tracks election results in real time, posting them
here. You can  print our scorecard and follow along!

Election Prospects? Sort it Out with CAWP's Closer Looks
How many women are running for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, statewide offices and state legislative seats? What might the picture look like post-election? CAWP scholar Kelly Dittmar lays it all out in her Closer Look analyses for the Senate, House, statewide elective executive offices, and state legislaturesKeep up with the continuing story on Twitter with #WomenRun2016.    
Reminder: Share Your Election Thoughts at #WomenTalk2016
History was made this year with the first major party nomination of a woman for president. Is more herstory coming? CAWP has invited many distinguished women political leaders to give us their first impressions of the election results, which we'll share on Facebook and Twitter. You're invited too! Use #WomenTalk2016 to add your voice. 
#WhoTalks on Election Night? Use the Gender Avenger Checklist

Who's talking about what's happening on Election Night? Are women's voices being heard on a night when women might make history? Keep track with Gender Avenger's #WhoTalks checklist.  
After you cast your ballot at the polls, vote to support the nation's premier resource on all things women and politics. Contribute to CAWP today!

Need context to make sense of the elections? Check out these CAWP resources:

  • Presidential Gender Watch 2016, a nonpartisan project of CAWP and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Nonpartisan to track, analyze and illuminate gender dynamics in election 2016. 
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