July 7, 2015
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NEW Leadership™ keynoters set the tone across the nation

Photos:  Mississippi N.E.W. Leadership top left; NEW Leadership Texas top right; Tri-College NEW Leadership (ND, MN) bottom right; Sue Shear Fellows (MO) bottom left

What do Beth Meyers (chief of staff for Governor Mitt Romney), U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Congresswoman Grace Meng, Donna Loring (member of the Penobscot tribal council), Nekima Levy-Pounds (professor of law and civil rights advocate) and CAWP director Debbie Walsh have in common? Each keynoted a NEW Leadership™ program this summer. More than 600 college women in 18 programs drew inspiration from women leaders (including state legislators, state supreme court justices, local elected officials, and all kinds of political pros), explored politics and public policy, and polished their leadership skills at this year's NEW Leadership™ partner programs.

 Like mother, like daughter 

If News and Notes were published on Thursdays, we'd call this a TBT story. Even on a Tuesday, we were pleased to discover that Autumn Burke is now a California state legislator. Remember when Congresswoman Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, the first Black woman elected to Congress from the West Coast, made history as the first member of Congress to give birth while serving? Autumn Burke was that baby, and now she's speaking out just like her mom did. In fact, the two Burkes are the first mother and daughter pair who have both served in California's Assembly. 

Speaking with her feet

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images


Not exactly related to women and politics, but we can't help showing our pride in Rutgers alumna Carli Lloyd, who led the U.S. women to the World Cup. CAWP spends a lot of time touting the concept of leadership role models, and team captain Lloyd certainly fits that description!



Why do people say they want a woman president?

The Washington Post's Hunter Schwartz, who covers the intersection of pop culture and politics,  contemplates why people are comfortable asserting that they want a woman president.  (Reminder: much more on the subject of the presidency and gender can be found on our Presidential Gender Watch 2016.)


Stefanik: The GOP's millennial star

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, is proving to be an asset for her party in its outreach to young people, according to The Hill.


Women in Senate join forces - on bathrooms and more

The Atlantic showcases Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) whose favorite anecdotes include the story of women in the Senate demanding more bathroom stalls for female Senators. Klobuchar uses that episode to illustrate how the women work across party lines on more significant common concerns.


Women lawmakers speak out on abortion from personal experience

Time magazine reports on women in state legislatures whose personal experiences with abortion impel them to speak out - on both sides of the issue.


Gov. Haley addresses Confederate flag issue

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has been prominent in news stories about the Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston church murders. The Washington Post describes how Haley's handling of the issue has won her plaudits "as a prominent and confident leader of the New South."


Young women plan digital political strategies

MSNBC shines a spotlight on eight young women who are rising digital strategists in the political world, starting with Democrat Stephanie Grasmick.


Running like a girl - in a good way

In Diversity and Democracy, a publication of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Nancy Thomas and Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg of Tufts University explain how higher education can advance gender equity in politics.  

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