April 22, 2014
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Reminder: Don't Miss Congresswoman Donna Edwards


There's still time to  RSVP to hear Congresswoman Donna Edwards speaking about Making a Difference: Women in Congress. She's this year's Senator Wynona Lipman Chair in Women's Political Leadership, and you can see her tomorrow, Wednesday, April 23 at 7:00 PM at the Douglass Campus Center. Hope to see you there!


The Senator Wynona Lipman Chair in Women's Political Leadership is made possible by the generous support of the New Jersey Legislature.

Celebrate Earth Day - and Women's Leadership

We know women officeholders make a difference in many ways, but this Earth Day is a good time to revisit research done by our friends at Rachel's Network, where CAWP director Debbie Walsh is on the Circle of Advisors.   Their report shows that women of both parties in Congress lead the way "to preserve environmental integrity and public health." One more reason we need more women in office at every level!

 NEW Leadership Alumnae Inspire Their Peers 

Felise Ortiz, a graduate of the NEW Leadership New Jersey program, produced
this post for CAWP's footnotes blog about a program she and fellow NEWL alum Jennifer Osolinski organized as their social action project for the scholars program at Rutgers' Institute for Women's Leadership: a showing of Raising Ms. President and a panel discussion about the issues raised by the film. Great work, Felise and Jennifer!

 And speaking of films...

Next Step RUN! Kickstarter
Next Step RUN!, a documentary film project by director Pam Maus, tells the stories of four women who are running for elective office in 2014. Next Step RUN! will be released in Spring of 2015 with the aim of encouraging more women to run for elective office. Invest in Next Step RUN! by contributing to their Kickstarter fundraising campaign before Friday, May 23, 2014. 

 For National Poetry Month: You Are Cordially Invited...

CAWP is nothing if not consistent in our message. This version comes from Senior Communications Officer Kathy Kleeman.


You're well aware of just what's wrong

You want to see solutions now.

It's been this way for far too long.

You'd make it work -if you knew how.

                We'll tell you how to get it done:

                You take the lead - yes, you could run!


"But I'm not ready, I'm too scared!

I don't know all the issues cold.

There must be someone more prepared -

I'm way too young -- or far too old!"

                All those excuses, every one

                Can be dismissed - yes, you can run!


You might not have considered it.

"That's someone else - it's not my thing.

I'll help them win, I'll do my bit.

But my hat won't be in the ring."

                Look in the mirror: There's the one

                To make the race - yes, you should run!



When you start tasks, you see them through,

You've led your church, your PTO,

You've planned events, raised big bucks too,

You network like a business pro.

                As capable as anyone,

                Who'd do it better? Please, just run!


You listen well; you're fair and kind,

Folks with your skills are way too few,

Besides, you have a brilliant mind,

We need your female voice and view.

                There is no doubt that you're the one

                To do the job - step up and run!


We'll put it to you straight and clear

With not one shred of hesitation:

Not decades hence, but now and here,

Consider this your invitation!

                Who knows? It might just be great fun,

                But you can't win -- unless you run!


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What Winning Women Candidates Know...

Expert advice in HuffPost Politics comes from CAWP's friend and 2012 Project partner, Mary Hughes.


Reclaiming the Language

Ashley Parker reports in The New York Times that political women are finding a positive spin on terms some people have tried to use as smears. 


Confidence Gap? Or Something Else?

The Atlantic gives us a taste of the new book by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, advising that women need to be more confident in order to advance. Elizabeth Plank offers an alternate view on PolicyMic.


Gender: Help or Hindrance?

CAWP's senior scholar Susan Carroll is quoted in this Washington Post piece by Nia-Malika Henderson about Muriel Bowser, candidate for mayor of Washington, DC.

Hillary Clinton's Priority: Women

CAWP assistant research professor Kelly Dittmar is among those commenting in The Buffalo News for Jerry Zremski's article about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton making women her political priority. 


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