October 12, 2016
A newsletter to keep you informed about all things women and politics from the Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University.

A Closer Look: U.S. Senate Outlook
In the first of a series of pre-election analyses, CAWP scholar Kelly Dittmar examines the Senate races featuring women candidates; read it  here . While the number of women Senators could go up, down or remain the same, the change won't be dramatic. Remember: CAWP will track election results for Congress and statewide elective offices in real time on Election Night; find it all on our  Election Watch page.
Expert Takes on the Second Debate

Twenty two (count 'em! 22) experts weigh in on the gender dynamics in the October 9 presidential debate on the Presidential Gender Watch website. They look at issues such as language, personal behavior, debate strategy, use of physical space, and more. Read their hot takes
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When the Going Gets Tough, Elect a Woman?
The New York Times  highlights instances of a "glass cliff," particularly in the U.K., where women have won top leadership roles at moments of crisis.
Women in the U.S. House, This Year and Next
Because so few Republican women currently serve in the House, few are in the pool to be selected to chair committees, according to The Hill.   Meanwhile, Roll Call suggests that the fates of Democrats running for the House are tied to that of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, citing as examples challengers Emily Cain and Anna Throne-Holst, among others. And FiveThirtyEight.com recommends that we not hold our breath waiting for gender parity in Congress, which could take another 100 years.
It's Complicated
ABC News looks at the complex gender dynamics underlying and shaping Election 2016.

Debatable Tactics
Linguist Deborah Tannen, in Time, examines some of the approaches employed in the second presidential debate. 
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