The deadline for proposals for the next wave of CAWP Research Grants is fast approaching: applications will be accepted online by September 10th! These grants are being made available for projects that seek to identify and address barriers and opportunities to women’s political power in the United States. Preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Advance our understanding of the distinct realities that women of color navigate in U.S. politics;
  • Identify and assess steps for translating research into action to increase women’s political power, including effective interventions to disrupt gender and/or intersectional biases in U.S. political institutions;
  • Challenge one-size-fits-all assessments of barriers or opportunities to women in U.S. politics;
  •  Expand the sites for research focus to non-electoral positions of political power and/or to sub-national levels of political representation.

Apply now and learn more about previous grantees and their projects here.