February 04, 2020
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It's been nearly 24 hours since the Iowa caucuses kicked off and we're still awaiting information about the results. The Iowa Democratic Party announced that the majority of results will be released by 5pm ET this evening. Though there are no official numbers to go by, it appears that two of the women candidates, Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, will be among the top five finishers. Stay tuned to CAWP's Twitter account for the latest updates about the Iowa caucuses and what they mean for the women running for president.

Debate Night
This Friday, February 7th, the eighth Democratic presidential primary will be hosted by ABC and Apple News, starting at 8pm ET. Seven candidates, including Klobuchar and Warren, have qualified for the debate thus far. As always, CAWP will be live-tweeting the debate with some of our friends and colleagues, so follow the conversation at #GenderLens2020 on Twitter.
When Women Run
CAWP data as visualized by the When Women Run team at FiveThirtyEigh t.

The team at FiveThirtyEight launched a new series called "When Women Run" that includes interviews with nearly 100 women who have run for and won elective office at all levels. The interview component, which you can listen to here, was complemented by a series of articles that delve into CAWP data to tell the story of women in electoral politics. The FiveThirtyEight story that examined the (relatively) large number of women of color elected in New Mexico relied on CAWP's current and historical fact sheets on women of color in elective office, while their piece that examined regional and partisan discrepancies in women's representation cited CAWP's data collections on women in state legislatures, statewide elected offices, and the U.S. Congress.
Speaking of Running...
CAWP's flagship Ready to Run® New Jersey will be held March 20th to 21st, with pre-conference programs for women of color on the afternoon of the 20th. Early bird registration rates remain available through next Monday, February 10th, so register now!

Not in New Jersey? Our Ready to Run ® National Network hosts campaign training programs around the country, and a number of our partners have upcoming events as well. The Ready to Run ® program includes not only general information for women wanting to run for office or deepen their political engagement, but also teaches attendees about the specific political environment in their state. This Saturday, February 8th, Ready to Run® Philadelphia will be hosted by the Pennsylvania Center for Women & Politics. Register to attend here. Also this coming Saturday, the North Dakota Women's Network sponsors Ready to Run® North Dakota in Bismarck. Register here. On May 2nd, the University of St. Thomas hosts Ready to Run® Minnesota. Minnesotans can register here.

If you are not from one of the states mentioned above, check out the National Network map to find a program near you.
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Gwen Ifill Honored
Gwen Ifill, whose long career in journalism included becoming the first Black woman to moderate a presidential debate, is being honored with a stamp from the USPS. Ifill was the 2007 holder of CAWP's Wynona Lipman Chair in Women's Political Leadership, and she was nominated by CAWP for an honorary doctorate at Rutgers University, which was bestowed on her in 2008. When Don Imus lashed out at the Rutgers women's basketball team in 2007, Ifill wrote a powerful New York Times op-ed piece in support of the players and recounted her own run in with Imus. You can purchase the Gwen Ifill stamp here.

New Leadership ®  Applications Open!

About the Susan N. Wilson NEW Leadership® NJ Summer Institute
About the Susan N. Wilson NEW Leadership® NJ Summer Institute.
CAWP is currently accepting applications for our Susan N. Wilson NEW Leadership® New Jersey 2020 cohort. NEWL® is a week-long residential program for undergraduates that educates them about women's participation in politics and helps the students hone their own public leadership skills. The program will be held from June 11-16 at the Eagleton Institute of Politics on the Rutgers University-New Brunswick campus. All students at New Jersey two-year higher education institutions and rising juniors and seniors at four-year institutions are strongly encouraged to apply.
Not in New Jersey? Find a NEW Leadership ® program near you through our national network of partner programs.
Of Course Women are Among the Most Studious Impeachment Jurors 
New York Times sketch artist Art Lien's view from the impeachment trial.
New on the CAWP Election Analysis blog: Kelly Dittmar writes about the widespread observation made about the impeachment trial that it seemed the women senators were more attentive than their male counterparts, using it as a launchpad to discuss the many ways women have to work harder as candidates and officeholders to achieve the same success as their peers. Read the full piece here.

2020: The Return of 2018
2020 rebound candidates Karen Handel, Gina Ortiz Jones, Michelle Garcia Holmes and Amy McGrath
The Washington Post did a great year-in-review for the freshman class of Democratic House legislators in the 116th Congress, including the record number of new women House members. After going through a series of faux-yearbook honorifics ("Toughest Questioner: Katie Porter"; "Biggest Bill Passed: Lucy McBath") as a hook to discuss the achievements of the new members, the piece closes with a discussion of the large numbers of women who unsuccessfully ran in 2018 that are now running again in 2020. CAWP has been tracking this data as the 2020 cycle ramps up; you can find a list of 2020 Rebound Candidates here.

Women House Candidates in 2020
The 2018 midterm was a new milestone in women's candidacies, and 2020 is already shaping up to continue that trend, with more women poised to run for House seats than at this point in the 2018 cycle. This increase is most noticeable in the Republican Party, where women struggled in 2018, as 204 women are now filed to run or planning to run for House seats in 2020, compared to just 86 at this point in 2018. Shondaland, the news and entertainment website from TV creator Shonda Rhimes, recently quoted Debbie Walsh in a piece about the difficulties facing women in the Republican Party, and The Albany Times-Union spoke to Kelly Dittmar about efforts to recruit more women by two upstate lawmakers, Republican Representative Elise Stefanik and Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
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