March 16, 2016
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Look who's looking at who talks!
Was it just your hunch, or are women really significantly under-represented among the voices interpreting political news? -- a nonprofit, online activist group that advocates on behalf of women's voices in the public dialog -- has launched Who Talks? The new project, in partnership with CAWP and the Women's Media Center, will analyze and publicize the gender balance of analysts appearing on the highest-rated morning and evening cable shows during the U.S. presidential election campaign. This week's #1  is Rachel Maddow.  Check back weekly to see if the picture changes, and follow #WhoTalks. And read what Vox has to say about Who Talks? here .
What if...
The latest Footnotes blog post asks: What if GOP women were represented in Congress and state legislatures at the same rate as Democratic women? Hint: a lot more women officeholders. Get the details here.
NEW Leadership™ -- the long and short of it
There's still time to register for the NEW Leadership™ NJ summer institute if you're a New Jersey college student who wants to meet successful women leaders, learn about women and politics, and participate in hands-on workshops to practice leadership skills. Read the details  and complete the application  by March 30. And if you're a college student in another state, you might be eligible for one of our partner programs; check here to find out. Alumnae tell us that  the program has changed their lives! 
But not everyone can take five or six days out, even for a life-changing experience. So the Women's Funding Alliance is partnering with CAWP to develop a one-day pilot Campus NEW Leadership™ program in Washington State, based on CAWP's six-day model. The program will ensure that more college women in Washington have the opportunity to experience an inspiring introduction to political leadership, and may also serve as a pipeline for students interested in applying to the six-day NEW Leadership™ programs at the University of Washington and Washington State University. The curriculum offers students hands-on experience and the opportunity to meet and network with local women leaders who can serve as mentors and role models in an intimate educational setting. Partner schools tailor the curriculum to incorporate local elected and community leaders, regional issues and institutional strengths.

NJ Senate salutes CAWP
We were deeply honored to be recognized by the New Jersey State Senate, which passed a resolution recognizing the Center "for its cutting-edge research and groundbreaking studies about women's routes to public office" and "numerous worthwhile programs and initiatives to educate, train and encourage women to achieve their goals and aspirations as leaders and public servants." Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney, Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg and Senate Minority Leader Thomas Kean Jr. (r to l in photo) made the presentation to CAWP director Debbie Walsh and associate director Jean Sinzdak.
Wonderful stuff
If you're fascinated by the woman suffrage movement, visit this website  to find a treasure trove of suffrage memorabilia. Created and maintained by Kenneth Florey, a retired professor of English at Southern Connecticut State University, it grew out of a story he wrote about a friend's collection for a woman's history special edition of a trade journal for antiquarian booksellers.  His own collection started off with buttons, but moved on to pennants, china, sheet music, ribbons, books, and, postcards.  He has since written two books on the subject.  While the target audience is scholars, it's fun for anyone curious about the movement and the times.

Know a Latina leader in the making?
Do you know a young NJ Latina who's on the path to leadership -- perhaps following in the footsteps of leaders like former Attorney General Zulima Farber or CAWP's own Gilda Morales? Current college students can apply for 2016 LUPE Scholarships.  The Zulima V. Farber Leadership Scholarship and the Gilda Morales Scholarship are given to distinguished young women who are exceptional students and rising leaders in their communities. Information about the scholarships is available here , along with the application form. The application deadline is Friday, April 1, 2016. Inquiries may be directed to
Fiorina to Trump: "Man up."
The New York Times  reports that Carly Fiorina, since endorsing Senator Ted Cruz, "does not intend to be an inconspicuous surrogate. She has not gotten rusty since ending her campaign a month ago. And she is perfectly positioned, particularly among Cruz supporters, to flourish again as an eager and prominent critic of Mr. Trump - reprising the role she forged as a candidate."
Who's interrupting whom?
According to Vocativ , Senator Bernie Sanders "can't help cutting in" during debates.
Ready to Run® graduate nominated for Rising Star honor
EMILY's List has nominated six young political women for the third annual Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award, according to PolitickerNJ . Among the nominees, New Jersey Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter, an alumna of CAWP's Ready to Run® NJ.
Millennials on the move
Refinery 29  is featuring Fusion's "30 Under 30" Millennial women shaping politics. They're from across the political spectrum. For example, meet Carolina Hurley , the national communications director of the College Republican National Committee, or Yong Jung Cho , who's pressuring candidates on both sides of the aisle with regard to their plans on climate change -just two of the 30 fascinating young women.
About that glass ceiling
The  Scholars Strategy Network, which showcases "research to improve policy and strengthen democracy," highlights The Highest Glass Ceiling: Women's Quest for the American Presidency, a new book by Ellen Fitzpatrick, a historian at the University of New Hampshire.

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