April 11, 2017
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The New Normal? Women, Media, and Politics: A Conversation with Media Leaders
How did gender and ideas about women and power shape the 2016 election and the discourse that followed it? NPR's Michel Martin will moderate a conversation with journalists Rebecca Traister and Farai Chideya about these questions on Thursday, April 27 as this year's Susan and Michael J. Angelides Lecture, presented by the Institute for Women's Leadership Consortium and co-sponsored by CAWP. Details and registration are here .

Women Governors: Edging Upward
The U.S. now has five women governors (2D, 3R); that is, women (more than 50% of the nation's population) now hold 10% of the chief executive positions in the states. The newest, Kay Ivey (R-AL) was elected as lieutenant governor and succeeded to the top spot when the incumbent resigned amidst a scandal. The story is reported in the Montgomery Advertiser . CAWP's History of Women Governors fact sheet  offers details about the 38 women who have served as governors to date, and Women in Statewide Elective Executive Office 2017  provides information about other statewide positions. Another woman, Iowa Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds, is slated to become her state's governor if the current governor, Terry Branstad, is confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to China. And The Hill , in a preview of 2018 gubernatorial races, suggests that quite a number of women are contemplating running. Meanwhile, two states have 2017 gubernatorial races, and in New Jersey, Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno  is a candidate for the Republican nomination.
Honoring a Rising Leader in the Name of an Experienced Leader
2016 Gluck Award winner Chrissy Buteas (center) with Eagleton Institute director Ruth B. Mandel, NEW Leadership program manager Sasha Patterson, Hazel Frank Gluck and CAWP director Debbie Walsh.
CAWP is seeking applications for the Hazel Frank Gluck Award for NEW Leadership™ NJ alumnae. The annual award, with a cash prize of $500, acknowledges the accomplishments of NEWL-NJ graduates who have emerged as inspiring advocates, candidates and community leaders.  It is named in honor of Hazel Gluck, a distinguished New Jersey public servant whose career included elected and appointed roles, highlighted by service in the cabinet of Gov. Thomas H. Kean. The award will be presented at the NEW Leadership™ NJ keynote dinner on June 9. 

Past winners include: 
2015: Shirley Genty-Vogt (NEW  Leadership™ NJ 2001) is founder and CEO of Sisters of Promise, Inc., whose mission is to promote education, community involvement, confidence and leadership among young women and girls. She is currently director of youth programs at the Evergreen Youth Center in Woodbridge NJ.  She previously served as director of the Woodbridge Municipal Alliance, vice chair of the Middlesex County Young Democrats and founding member of the African American Coalition of Woodbridge. 
2016 : Chrissy Buteas (NEW Leadership™ NJ 2003) is president and CEO of the Home Care & Hospice Association of New Jersey. She previously served in a senior role at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, was vice president of the Capital Impact Group, and was an elected councilwoman in South Plainfield.  She is currently president of the Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey.  

Award details and application are available here.

Truly a Joy
CAWP was honored to present MSNBC's Joy Reid, host of AM Joy, as this year's Senator Wynona Lipman Lecturer in Women's Political Leadership. If you missed the event, you can watch the video of her talk,  Truth and Consequences: What We Know and Why It Matters.
In spring, we admire beautiful green things--like fresh contributions to CAWP's important work. Please help us plant the seeds of women's political leadership. Thank you!   

The Big Thing Keeping Women out of Politics Is...
Surprise, it's money! Or at least that's what Teen Vogue  thinks.
First Woman Mayor: A Joke that Wasn't Funny
The Washington Post  reports on how Susanna Salter became the mayor of Argonia, Kansas in a prohibition-related gambit.
If You're Thinking of Running for Local Office
Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway offers a few practical tips, as quoted in The New York Times Magazine .
Not Everyone Was Issued Sturdy Bootstraps
Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor says the playing field still isn't level, so some people still need help to get over barriers of inequality. Read her comments in The Huffington Post .
Still More Women Lacing Up Running Shoes
Women are coming forward in droves to run for office, according to Moyers & Company , which quotes CAWP director Debbie Walsh on evidence we've seen, including our own record-breaking Ready to Run® NJ attendance this year. Even women too young to run are gearing up, according to Women's E-News Teen Voices.

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