July 05, 2016
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CAWP at the Conventions
CAWP experts will be at  the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this month. Make sure you're following us on  Facebook and Twitter  to get their take. And you'll want to keep up with Presidential Gender Watch 2016  too! 
A Two Woman Ticket?
As the presumptive nominees mull over their options for vice presidential picks, there has been considerable buzz about a potential two-woman Democratic ticket - for example, from McClatchy DC  and the British Independent.co . CAWP scholar Kelly Dittmar, for Presidential Gender Watch 2016,  examines this prospect , observing that same-gender tickets are the presidential norm; only twice (1984 D, 2008 R) have presidential and vice presidential candidates been of different genders. But she suggests that gender is unlikely to be a prime criterion for selection of Clinton's running mate.
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Being Women in Politics
In a New York Times  op-ed, former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend discusses how we envision women in leadership. Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, in Politico , describes the glass ceiling she experienced when she ran for (and won) several New York offices. KPCC (Southern California Public Radio) puts Hillary Clinton's pathbreaking presidential bid in the context of women's slow electoral progress in California. The Washington Post  notes that women could soon lead three the three largest Western economies (if the U.S. and Great Britain elect women to head their governments). And Republican communications consultant Candice Greaux, on Observer.com , urges her young GOP sisters to speak up and become more active in their party. Finally, The Cap Times  of Madison, WI describes some of the sexist vitriol experienced by political women, which may discourage other women from considering public office.
Iowa Women in Action
The Des Moines Register , reports that Iowa's Senator Joni Ernst may be a potential running mate for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Iowa's other Senate seat is in play, with Politico  posting a poll that shows the Democratic candidate, former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge, within striking distance of incumbent GOP Senator Chuck Grassley.
Transwomen Looking for the Next Breakthrough
According to The Hill,  two transgender candidates (both, coincidentally, named Misty) have won primaries and hope to head to Capitol Hill. In Utah, Democrat Misty K. Snow is the first transgender Senate candidate, facing off against Republican Sen. Mike Lee in November. Another Democratic challenger, Misty Plowright, won her primary in Colorado and will oppose Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn.
Do Gender Quotas Help or Hinder?
An article in Journalist's Resource  looks at research about nations with gender quotas for elected officials and finds both pros and cons.
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