May 25, 2021
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CAWP Launches New Gender Gap Resources and Data on 2020 Election Turnout and Public Opinion Polling  
Women voted in higher raw numbers and in greater proportions than their male counterparts in the 2020 presidential election, with women casting nearly 10 million more votes than men and 68.4% of eligible adult women casting a ballot, while 65% of eligible men voted. These data points, combined with the significant gender gap in vote choice in the 2020 presidential election, as shown in our presidential vote choice fact sheet, illustrate the pivotal role that women played in the election of Joe Biden and the defeat of Donald Trump. CAWP has also launched a brand-new element of our women voter resources and now tracks polling on current events and public policy on our Gender Differences in Public Opinion fact sheet. These gender differences have been a feature of American politics for many years. We now detail these differences with data from a variety of surveys and include a Current Issues section as well as a series of sections on topics of recurring interest in American politics.

“This new fact sheet includes data points by gender and partisanship, as well as gender and race and ethnicity,” said CAWP research associate Claire Gothreau. “These data tell a nuanced story about how gender intersects with other identities to shape the contours of American public opinion.”

The Current Issues section is regularly updated and includes timely questions about early opinions of the Biden administration, the health of American democracy, conspiracy theories, and societal attitudes about transgender discrimination and equality. Recurring topics track public opinion data including Domestic and International Force (gun control, military intervention, criminal justice issues), Social Welfare (healthcare, poverty programs, social security), Reproductive Rights, Equity Issues (LGBTQ equality, racial equality, immigration), and Environmental Policy. Explore the data at our Gender Differences in Public Opinion page and see all of our fact sheets on the gender gap in vote choice, turnout, registration, and public opinion, as well as historical CAWP data and analysis on women voters, here.

Read Dr. Gothreau’s conversation with experts Mary-Kate Lizotte and Kimberly Peeler-Allen about our new data that illuminates gender differences across a variety of policy attitudes here.
TOMORROW! Empowering Asian American Women Political Leaders
Tomorrow, May 26th at 2pm ET, CAWP presents the virtual panel discussion Empowering Asian American Women Political Leaders, hosted by CAWP’s Rising Stars Steering Committee, and featuring Cherry Hill Mayor Susan Shin Angulo, Closter Councilwoman Jannie Chung, Maneesha Kelkar, former Executive Director of Jersey Promise, and U.S. Representative Andy Kim, founder of In Our Hands PAC. Asian Americans have historically been underrepresented in all levels of government in New Jersey. With the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes this past year, especially those targeting Asian women, as well as ongoing challenges of systemic racism facing Asian communities, it is more critical than ever to ensure more Asian American women have seats at policymaking tables. This esteemed panel will discuss the importance of Asian American women political leaders, and how to encourage and support more Asian women to become public leaders.
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Call for Research Proposals: Identifying and Addressing Barriers and Opportunities to Women’s Political Power 
CAWP is now accepting proposals for both small and large research grants to investigate and illuminate barriers and opportunities to increasing women’s political power in the United States. This request for proposals is supported by the generosity and commitment of Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company founded by Melinda French Gates. Applications will be accepted through September 10, 2021.

Preference will be given to research proposals that:

  •  Advance our understanding of the distinct realities that women of color navigate in U.S. politics;
  • Identify and assess steps for translating research into action to increase women’s political power, including effective interventions to disrupt gender and/or intersectional biases in U.S. political institutions;
  • Challenge one-size-fits-all assessments of barriers or opportunities to women in U.S. politics; and
  • Expand the sites for research focus to non-electoral positions of political power and/or to sub-national levels of political representation.

Priority areas of research include:
  • Leading with Intersectionality
  • Expanding Research Focus
  • Meeting the Moment

Learn more about each priority area, as well as eligibility and proposal requirements, by visiting CAWP’s website. The page also includes FAQs that provide additional information about expectations and processes.

Curious about other research grants CAWP has awarded? Learn about the first wave of CAWP research grant recipients and their projects here.

Rachel’s Network Catalyst Award Applications Open! 
Each year, the Rachel’s Network Catalyst Award provides women of color that are making an environmental impact with a $10,000 prize, as well as networking opportunities and public recognition within the environment, philanthropic, and women’s leadership communities. Apply for the award, or nominate someone else, and learn about previous recipients and finalists at the Rachel’s Network website.
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