August 12, 2014
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 Dotty Lynch (1945 - 2014) 

Pollster, Campaign Strategist, Educator


An Appreciation

By Ruth B. Mandel, Director, Eagleton Institute of Politics and Senior Scholar, CAWP


We have become accustomed to a growing population of visible women in politics over recent decades. Best known are the women who have campaigned for or held office. But the landscape of change is much larger than office holding, and a still small number of women with knowledge, skills and a passion for politics have been behind the scenes, making the process work for everyone. Dotty Lynch was one of them -- smart, strong, clear sighted, tough minded, and mightily skilled. With dedication and prodigious talent, she stood ready to help women and men she believed would do some good for all of us. She was an extraordinarily generous friend, supporter, mentor and teacher to colleagues, candidates, and campaigns. She believed in advancing good women for political leadership. She was waiting for Hillary in 2016. That year and the years well beyond will be the lesser for her absence.


Read obituaries from The New York Times, The Washington Post and Politico here. 

Virgin Territory? 

The St. Croix Source reports on Delegate Donna Christensen's victory in the U.S. Virgin Islands gubernatorial primary. If elected, Chrstensen, who currently represents the USVI in Congress, would become the first woman governor there and the first black woman to lead a U.S. territory. Puerto Rico has had a woman governor, Sila Calderon, who held office from 2001-2005.


War No More

The National Journal discusses a shift in Democratic strategy away from the "war on women" approach in favor of what are perceived as less divisive approaches to securing women's votes. Also in The National Journal: thoughts about what it means to be a Black woman candidate, from a rising star in Georgia.


Rural Heritage a Plus in Iowa

 The Iowa Republican observes that Senate candidate Joni Ernst's rural background makes a big difference in her race against four-term Congressman Bruce Braley.


Do Women Hold the Keys to the Senate? 

The Washington Post explains why Democrats are counting on women's votes in key Senate races, particularly those with women candidates.


All the Single Ladies... 

Catherine Rampell in The Monitor tells why single women voters are crucial in the upcoming elections.


Gender a Plus - Or Not

The Detroit News' Laura Berman thinks some women might dispute the idea that their gender is a plus in running for office.

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