May 10, 2016
A newsletter to keep you informed about all things women and politics from the Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University.

Survey says: NEW Leadership™ changes lives
 A new national survey of  NEW Leadership™ alumnae shows that the program has inspired the vast majority of alumnae to participate in politics, educated them about the political process and increased their overall confidence and leadership skills.  (Details here).

 CAWP created New Leadership™ in 1991 to teach college women the value of civic engagement and the importance of having women in positions of political leadership.
The NEW Leadership™ National Network now includes colleges and universities across the country who have established their own programs based on CAWP's model. Since it was established, more than 5,000 college women have participated in the programs.
The fear factor can be eliminated
Is public speaking among your biggest fears? Seventy-five percent of women say they're anxious about giving speeches or presentations. If you're among them, we have an interactive workshop for you on June 21. Designed with women in mind, it will focus on effective public speaking and presentation skills. You'll learn how to deliver your message more powerfully and how to identify your authentic style. Find out the secrets of verbal and nonverbal communications techniques to capture and maintain any audience's interest, and practice tips and specific strategies for dealing with speech anxiety. Get all the details and register here.
Spring is a time of renewal, bringing new challenges and opportunities for women's leadership. Please renew your support of CAWP's work with a gift of $25 or more.
Who wants to give like a millionaire?
Women are playing a larger role than ever as campaign donors, according to The New York Times .
Playing with a full deck
What media outlet hasn't addressed the "gender card" or the "woman card"? Here's a sampling from Vox , Associated Press  (in the Herald-Tribune), Jill Filipovic  and Gail Collins  in The New York Times, NPR , Jennifer Bendery in HuffPost Politics , and Kathleen Parker  in The Washington Post.
The password is: sexism talked to women in the Ohio state legislature and heard varying views about whether sexism is a given for women lawmakers. Meanwhile, in Seattle, the women who hold the majority on the city council faced gender-linked backlash after voting down a plan for a new sports arena, according to The New York Times.
Senate majority in jeopardy
As Democrats seek to regain the Senate majority and Republicans defend a majority of the seats in contention, The Baltimore Sun  and USA Today  offer takes on the prospects.

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