October 7, 2014
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Looking for a Good Read? How about Five?

The CAWP Series in Gender and American Politics, published by the University of Michigan Press in association with CAWP, presents innovative academic research on gender and politics. Edited by Susan J. Carroll and Kira Sanbonmatsu, both senior scholars at CAWP and professors of political science at Rutgers, the series currently includes five titles:

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If Gloria Steinem asked you to run...

...would you do it? 

footnotes blog about recruiting women candidates, both fictional and real.

Leading Latinas

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we salute the Latinas in Congress.  

And Speaking of Leading Latinas...

Fox News Latino reports on the coalition New Mexico's Republican Governor, Susana Martinez, is building with conservative Democrats in her bid for re-election this November.


Just What We've Been Saying!

The Hill's Congress Blog presents a novel idea from Gisel Kordestani, founder and COO of Crowdpac: To address women's issues, elect more women.


Barbara Lee Says it Too

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation has supported bipartisan research - including some from CAWP - that shows how and why to elect more women. Lee also supports women candidates, generally pro-choice Democrats, through the Barbara Lee Political Office. The Boston Globe profiles Lee. 


Coming Soon to a Congress Near You? More Black Women...

Crew of 42, a blog that focuses on African American Members of Congress, anticipates that after the 2014 elections, we could see  20 African American women, the most ever, serving on Capitol Hill. They predict five newcomers, including the first African American Republican woman in Congress, Mia Love of Utah.


And More Young Women...

NPR presents Elise Stefanik, a young first-time Republican candidate in upstate New York seeking a congressional seat. 


And More Women in Leadership

The Washington Post tells the story of Congresswoman Donna Edwards, moving up in Democratic leadership circles. (You can watch Edwards speaking at Rutgers as CAWP's Senator Wynona Lipman Chair in Women's Political Leadership here.)


On the Horizon: New Faces in New Places

Politico highlights Geena Davis' observations about how getting more women into films about politics could help to bring more women into real-world politics. And women in tech are also reportedly stepping into the political fray. 



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