December 22, 2015
A newsletter to keep you informed about all things women and politics from the Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University.

Did you say you're still shopping?
If you're still looking for gift ideas for kids, consider some of the books highlighted on our Teach a Girl to Lead website .  We've found lots of treasures for all ages - fiction and non-fiction, picture books and biographies and more. Our current favorite? Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio, which tells the story of a girl who,  stunned to discover that all U.S. presidents have been men, decides to kick off her own political career by running for president of her class. She faces off against a popular boy and wins in a surprising way. In fact, we like it so much that we'll have a special announcement about it early in 2016; watch News and Notes to find out more!
Saying hello!
The Center is pleased to welcome Colleen Martin, who is new to CAWP but not new to Rutgers, having worked at the university since 2000. She will assist with CAWP programs including Ready to Run®, NEW Leadership™, and public events, as well as with our database and general administrative tasks.
 Speaking of money...

Please remember CAWP with a tax deductible year-end gift.  Invest in the nation's premier resource for all things women and politics; you can  show your support with a tax deductible gift of $45 (or $450 or $4500) for CAWP's 45th anniversary. Thank you!  
The speaker is the speaker's daughter
The Quad City Times  reports that Linda Upmeyer (R) will make history when she becomes the speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives - following in the footsteps of her father, Del Stromer, who was speaker 34 years ago. No other woman in the nation has yet followed her father into a top legislative leadership post.
Who says we're #1?
Not in gender parity, we aren't. When it comes to electing women, the US lags behind many nations - including Afghanistan, according to Al Jazeera.
Will a woman speak for the UN?
Elle  and Waltonian  offer the prospect that the next UN secretary general might be a woman.
Who speaks for women at Syria talks?
Women in the World, in association with The New York Times,  depicts experts at the table in Paris negotiating possible solutions to the crisis in Syria. Notably absent: anyone with two X chromosomes.
Who speaks for women in California?
Women legislators, that's who, according to Women's Enews , which reports examples of lawmakers promoting legislation to benefit women.
Speaks for itself - negative side
The New Republic  reports on what it dubs "The Year in Female Politicians Dealing with Utter Crap." No further comment is necessary. But if you're not sufficiently depressed, see what Times Picayune  has to say about Louisiana achieving the dubious record of state with the lowest proportion of women state legislators.
Speaks for itself - positive side
CBS News  highlights ESPNW's portrayal of three political women - the US attorney general and two senators - as superheroes.
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