We’re deep into summer and between trips to the shore, tending our vegetable gardens, and enjoying evening cocktails on the porch, here are some recent CAWP reports and data we’re thinking about as we head into fall and the 2021 elections:

  • Women in Municipal Office. For the first time, CAWP has compiled data on women in local offices around the country in what will be a new ongoing addition to our data collections. Find information on women’s representation in municipal offices, as well as state rankings and a comparison with our state legislative rankings.
  • Gender Differences in Voter Turnout. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of CAWP Research Associate Claire Gothreau, the Center continues to expand our gender gap resources. Newly-released data on voter turnout in the 2020 elections joins our existing ongoing data collection on turnout, but these collections are now amplified with additional breakdowns for race/ethnicity, age, educational attainment, and marital status.
  •  Money Matters in the Fifty States. CAWP researchers Kira Sanbonmatsu and Claire Gothreau released the second in our new series of reports on women and campaign fundraising, Money Matters in the Fifty States, which examines political donations from both a recipient and donor perspective, finding significant room for growth in women’s political participation through financial buy-in.
  • 2021 Women Candidates. Election Day 2021 is just three months away. Learn about the women running in statewide executive and state legislative elections this year, as well as women candidates in special congressional elections, with CAWP’s 2021 candidate list.
  • These may not be CAWP titles, but a fun summer beach reads sound pretty good to us right now! Find a read that’s right for you on this list pulled together by the PBS NewsHour!