July 1, 2014
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Where Do Black Women Stand in American Politics?

The Status of Black Women in American Politics, the report authored by CAWP for the Higher Heights Leadership Fund, was released on June 19th at a program featuring a panel discussion on "Harnessing the Political Power of Black Women."   The report provides an historical outline of Black women's struggle for political representation and discusses the current landscape of political leadership for Black women across the country, as well as their growing political influence. It demonstrates the need for greater engagement, recruitment, and inclusion of black women in politics and government. Among the media outlets covering the report were MSNBC and The Washington Post. And report author Kelly Dittmar provided additional insights on CAWP's footnotes blog.

What Should I Read This Summer?

Get some great suggestions from Eagleton Institute of Politics director Ruth B. Mandel, who offers recommendations for teen or adult readers -- to which we've added complementary titles for younger bookworms -- on CAWP's 
Teach a Girl™ to Lead blog.


Who Knows? (Hint: It's Gilda!)

Have you ever wondered how CAWP provides detailed, up-to-the-minute information about women candidates and officeholders from the state legislatures on up? The magic occurs in the office of information services manager Gilda Morales (highlighted in this Eagleton Institute of Politics Spotlight video!). She and her interns gather, tabulate and report it all - and you can help! If you hear about a special election, a woman appointed to fill a vacancy, a death in office, or a woman getting ready to run, shoot Gilda an email (gmm@eagleton.rutgers.edu). Then, when you see your information incorporated into our online data, you can bask in the knowledge that you're a part of Gilda's team. Thanks!

Don't We All?

CBS News reports that First Lady Michelle Obama "wants a woman president as soon as possible." Her comments in response to a question from Robin Roberts of ABC News came at the White House Summit on Working Families  on June 23.


Can You Believe?

Reuters (via MSN News) informs us that a Japanese elected woman was heckled by her colleagues (!) for being single and childless.


Did You Think That Was the Worst?

See what The Raw Story learned about the "fun" at Boys State in Texas. And then compare and contrast with the Texas edition of Girls State, as reported in the same article. This helps to explain why CAWP created Teach a Girl to Lead.


Is it OK to Do It Like a Girl?

Watch what young people say about the meaning of "like a girl" in this video from Always.


Should Hillary Be the Only Woman in the Race?

The New Republic offers Rebecca Traister's smart take on getting more women to run for higher office (and something different in the Hillary Clinton coverage).


Who's Recruiting New Women for the GOP?

That would be Carly Fiorina, chairwoman of the American Conservative Union Foundation and former U.S. Senate candidate, according to The Washington Post. She has been tapped to lead the Unlocking Potential Project, a new PAC that aims to close the gender gap and engage more women in the Republican party.

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