October 25, 2016
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Outlook for the U.S. House of Representatives
CAWP scholar Dr. Kelly Dittmar summarizes prospects for women in this year's races for the U.S. House. Spoiler alert: We may add to the total number of women, but the change is unlikely to be dramatic, and the final total will hinge on outcomes of several potentially close races. Read the analysis here; Dittmar's earlier Senate analysis is here . And remember, CAWP will be tracking election results in real time, posting them here.

Share Your Election Thoughts
History has already been made this year with the first major party nomination of a woman for president. Is more herstory coming? CAWP is inviting many distinguished women political leaders to give us their first impressions of the election results, which we'll share on Facebook and Twitter. You're invited too! Use #WomenTalk2016 to add your voice.
Who Talked about the Debates?
CNN took the lead in highlighting women commentators on the presidential debates, according to the #WhoTalks post-debate analysis (produced by a partnership of Gender Avenger, CAWP, and the Women's Media Center). MSNBC and Fox trailed the leader by considerable margins. Read about it on the Gender Avenger Blog. And if you crave truly intelligent commentary on the final debate, look to Presidential Gender Watch 2016 for hot takes from our team of experts.
Campus NEW Leadership™ Comes to Washington State
With support from the Women's Funding Alliance, CAWP is developing a curriculum for one-day Campus NEW Leadership™ programs in Washington State. The Women's Studies Center at Eastern Washington University will host their Campus NEW Leadership™ institute on October 28, 2016, and Green River College's program will happen on January 6, 2017. These one-day NEW Leadership™ programs retain essential elements of NEW Leadership™: educating college women about the importance of civic engagement; helping them develop leadership skills; and connecting them with local women leaders who can serve as mentors and role models. The shorter duration will make the successful NEW Leadership™ model accessible to many more college women across the state of Washington, establishing a model for other schools in other states that wish to start public leadership education programs on their campuses.  More information about NEW Leadership™ is available here or from Sasha Patterson(sashap@eagleton.rutgers.edu). 
Brush Up Your Skills, Learn from the Pros

Vote Run Lead  is offering a series of free online classes including a conversation with the two youngest women in Congress and training in campaign budgeting, plus much more. Find out what's available and how to sign up here . (Don't worry if you've missed one already; they'll be replayed online.)
Donor Spotlight
The Katherine K. Neuberger Legacy Fund was established by Susan N. Wilson to honor her mother. A distinguished Republican political leader in New Jersey, Ms. Neuberger was appointed to three terms on the New Jersey Board of Higher Education, sat on the State Board of Education, and was a member of the Republican National Committee. Her Fund will support internships in the government/public service/non-profit sectors in Washington, DC for Rutgers undergraduates with an interest in women's political leadership. (And that's not the only Legacy Fund Wilson has created at CAWP! The Susan N. Wilson Legacy Fund supports CAWP's NEW Leadership™ program for college women.)

To learn more about establishing a Legacy Fund at CAWP, contact Sue Nemeth at (848) 932-8593 or gsnemeth@eagleton.rutgers.edu.

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Women Running and Serving: The Tough Stuff
It's no longer underground; NPR highlights the increasingly visible and audible sexism in the 2016 campaign. The New York Times  explains why men feel a need to insult powerful women. The Washington Post  chimes in with an update on misogyny in the election, and particularly hatred of older women. NPR's Hidden Brain  series examines the social science behind double binds that confront women in top leadership roles. Meanwhile, former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, in Good , warns Hillary Clinton about the sexism she's likely to face, should she become president.
Election 2016 through a Gender Lens
In PS Now , CAWP scholar Kelly Dittmar provides a scholarly take on understanding this year's presidential election using the tools of gender analysis.
Justice O'Connor Says: Vote!
The first woman to serve on the Supreme Court, herself a former elected official, reminds Cosmopolitan readers why it's so important for women to vote.
Ready to Run® Alumna Ready to Run Again
Mayor Wilda Diaz of Perth Amboy New Jersey is that city's first woman mayor, and she's now running for re-election. NBC News Latino  profiles Diaz, a graduate of CAWP's Ready to Run® campaign training.
You Can Do What She Did
In Minnesota, and undoubtedly in other states as well, elections for local office may draw few candidates, according to StarTribune.com . Why don't you run? If you're looking for training or support, find organizations near you that can help by checking CAWP's political and leadership resource map .
You've Seen the Movie (Haven't You?): Now Watch for the TV Version
Equity, the highly regarded 2016 film featuring women on Wall Street, is now set to become an ABC TV series, according to Deadline Hollywood . The executive producer of the film, Candy Straight, has been a Wall Street executive herself, as well as a longtime friend of CAWP and a member of the Rutgers Board of Governors. We can't wait to see the TV show!
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