June 9, 2015
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 CAWP faculty head for Sweden

CAWP Senior Scholars Susan Carroll and Kira Sanbonmatsu and CAWP Scholar Kelly Dittmar are headed for the 4th European Conference on Politics and Gender  in Uppsala, Sweden this week. All are presenting their research on a panel about women in American politics, and Dittmar and Carroll are on another about women in local politics.

On the campaign trail with Presidential Gender Watch

Now there's a newsletter for Presidential Gender Watch 2016! If you want to keep up with gender in the 2016 campaign - or if you miss getting a newsletter in your inbox on the weeks when News and Notes isn't issued - sign up for the latest from the new nonpartisan project from CAWP and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation to track, analyze and illuminate gender dynamics in election 2016. 


Another successful NEW Leadership™ New Jersey 

After completing an action project debating the issue of opting out of standardized tests, 33 students from 20 New Jersey institutions are headed home today, proud graduates of NEW Leadership™ NJ. The diverse participants drew inspiration from keynoter Congresswoman Grace Meng and hung out with three fabulous faculty-in-residence:  Jeanette Hoffman, senior vice president, Capital Impact Group; Ginger Gold Schnitzer, director, government relations, New Jersey Education Association; and Rebecca Williams, councilwoman, City of Plainfield. Armed with new political skills, professional possibilities, and personal insights, these young women are ready and eager to lead!

Women's magazines are Hillary country

Politico reports that women's magazines are one corner of the media where Hillary Clinton is popular, which may be seen as problematic for Republican candidates.


Carly Fiorina headed upward

Fox News reports that Carly Fiorina is building momentum on the campaign trail, developing a following and raising funds.


Women popping up on the Senate candidate map

The Washington Post lists a number of major Senate races where women candidates are already lined up, and more are likely to lace up their running shoes. 


North Carolina - where women officeholders aren't?

An op-ed in N&R Greensboro.com (the Greensboro News and Record) laments dwindling flow of women in North Carolina's political pipeline.


Congress - where GOP women aren't?

 The Upshot (in the New York Times) asks why there are so few Republican women in Congress and offers a few possible explanations.


Where there's trouble, you'll find women leaders

That's the contention of a New York Times op-ed - that women are more likely to get a chance to lead when there are big problems to confront. Moreover, the author asserts, even when women get into powerful positions, they can face backlash. 


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