May 29, 2018
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Representation of Women of Color Among 2018 Candidates
CAWP's latest Footnotes blog post by Kelly Dittmar is our first cut at the racial and ethnic diversity in this year's congressional and gubernatorial candidate pool. The data reflect trends similar to gender and racial disparities among officeholders. Read the post here .
Gender Watch 2018 , a project of CAWP and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, featured two recent Analysis pieces: Out in Alabama: LGBTQ Politics Take Center Stage in Gubernatorial Race by Rick Kavin, a Ph.D. candidate in political science at Rutgers-New Brunswick and a research assistant at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers, and First Time Candidates in Arkansas Reflect Long Time Themes on Gender and Candidacy  by Dr. Pearl K. Dowe , an expert contributor to Gender Watch 2018. Dowe is the Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Arkansas, associate professor of political science and an affiliated faculty member of the Africa and African American Studies Program.
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The Long Road to Leadership
Women are on the verge of a breakthrough on the House Appropriations Committee , according to  Jennifer Shutt at Roll Call. "Texas Republican Kay Granger and New York Democrat Nita M. Lowey are both vying to become the House Appropriations Committee's first chairwoman. And while only one of them can claim that title, if the other is named ranking member for the 116th Congress, they would make history together by being the first women to co-lead a standing House committee...since the Select Committee on the House Beauty Shop was eliminated in 1977."
Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking!

CAWP created a small, interactive public speaking workshop tailored specifically for women. Join us on  Friday, June 29, 2018, 9:00am - Noon , at the Eagleton Institute of Politics, New Brunswick, NJ.
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Where Else Can you Find All This? 
Our Political and Leadership Resource Map is a treasure trove of hundreds of programs for women across the country. Search by state or national programs; categories include leadership and campaign trainings for women, PACs that support women candidates, political appointments projects, and more. You'll find everything from the Lincoln Series for Republican women in Illinois, to the Women's Legislative Education Summit hosted by the FL Commission on the Status of Women, to the Women's Caucus of the Oregon Democratic Party!
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The Guardian's Lauren Gambino asks, "Can the wave of female House candidates lead to a 'tsunami' of wins?"

The New York Times explores race, gender and party in statewide races:

Rebecca Nelson at The Washington Post reports that Trump has spurred hundreds of women to run for office, including some Republicans.

Black Hills Woman Magazine Editor, Tracy Bernard, talks with U.S. Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD) about the complex topic of women in leadership.
It could be another 'Year of the Woman' in California, but probably not, reports Christine Mai-Duc for the Los Angeles Times.

The Washington Times covers the record number of women running for office this year, noting the heavy numbers of Democratic women candidates and the numbers of women voters drifting from the Republican party in Ms. Smith goes to Washington: Trump presidency driving record numbers of women to seek office.

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