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In this Issue: CAZCA Update, Partner Registration and CAZCA Collaboration Hub
Dear friends and partners,

During this time of great uncertainty, we can truly appreciate our natural and cultural landscapes even more. Whether we are able to get outside to enjoy them (with social distancing) or simply to think of our favorite places they are there to calm us and give us hope for better days to come.

It is now clearer than ever, how vital the work to keep these habitats healthy and thriving is for the physical and mental health of our communities . We must work together and follow the rules to keep these spaces open​, however, as our parks and preserves have seen record numbers of visitors despite social distancing rules. ​We would also like to express our gratitude to the parks personnel who are working tirelessly to keep our communities safe while also allowing for access to natural open spaces. 

The isolation of the COVID-19 crisis has also shown us the power of community, and how lucky we are to part of this one. First, to all our partners, thank you for all of your amazing work in this time, by creating solutions, showing flexibility, caring for one another and collaborating in new ways. CAZCA has continued to make progress on key initiatives and following up with work from the All-Partners Meeting.

All of you reading this newsletter are part of our landscape conservation community. Please let us know how you are doing and how we can best be helpful to your work in these changing times.

All the best,
Aireona Raschke and Annia Quiroz
CAZCA Program Director & CAZCA Engagement Coordinator
Progress and Updates
See what CAZCA is up to:
CAZCA Collaboration Hub
We continue to work on developing and testing the CAZCA Hub. This new tool will help our community stay updated and connected on ​regional conservation work. Do you have a project you want others to know about, support or contribute to? Support our efforts in testing this tool.

​To help us in this early phase, please fill out the spreadsheet with any ​of your initiatives ​that fall​ under activities or goals identified in the Regional Open Space Strategy . Instructions for how to save, where to send the document, and detailed ROSS goals are included. Join the project to strengthen collaboration in the region!
Developing Working Groups
In April, we began reach​ing out to interested parties and partners to start forming the basis of the CAZCA working groups. We have identified three working groups to begin with: Restoration, Regional Connectivity, Human-Nature Connections and Outreach & Education. 

CAZCA also convened with other collaboratives in the region to ensure we are working as strategically as possible, working to fill the gaps that are needed and elevate the work others are doing already. We are looking forward to the first meetings and what can be accomplished.
Help Us Update our Partner List
We've always believed partnerships should merge and flow organically. CAZCA is now at a point where we'd like to ​update our active partner list. Any collaborating organization, institution and individuals can join ​or reaffirm their active partnership with us ​by simply filling out the attached form.

​Once you fill out the registration form, your organizations' name will appear on our website in the  Partners page . Join this amazing community and help galvanize conservation action in central Arizona.
CAZCA Project Updates
Desert Defenders

During this time, we continue to work partners, strategize around next steps and explore new funding opportunities. CAZCA staff, partners and some trained Defenders continue to map invasive species in the greater Metro Phoenix are, while observing official safety recommendations.
Sonoran Seed Collaborative

Our native seed project is making great progress. The plants on-site at Tovrea Castle are blooming and doing well. We are continuing conversations virtually, and are growing out two more species – Desert Lavender and Desert Marigold. Take a look at recent photos!
Sonoran Insiders

During this time, Ambassadors are key members of the community, and allies in sharing crucial information. We are exploring options for virtual Insider events that could provide our partners a platform to share key messages. We're grateful to the 7 Ambassadors who are working hard to let people know the value of opens paces and how to protect them.