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July 2019 Shabbat Service Times
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Adults at Leisure
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Talmud Study
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Volunteer Opportunities
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Beth Am is going to Israel!
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HONOR Someone or Yourself
July 2019 Shabbat Service Times

Friday, July 5
7:30 pm - Shabbat Service &  Oneg Shabbat hosted by the Allan family 
in honor of Madison Allan becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Cantorial Leader - Cantor Tanya Greenblatt
Shabbat Greeter - Bobbsie Rifkin

Saturday, July 6
10:30 am - Shabbat Service - Madison Allan, Bat Mitzvah

Friday, July 12
6:00 pm - PreNeg - sponsored by Sue Ellen & Jim Corning
  6:30 pm - Shabbat Service, Vegetarian Potluck Dinner &  Oneg Shabbat
Oneg hosted by the Ackerman family in honor of 
Jordan Ackerman becoming a Bar Mitzvah
Cantorial Leader - Cantor Tanya Greenblatt
Shabbat Greeter -  Sheryl Bowman

Saturday, July 13
10:30 am - Shabbat Service, Jordan Ackerman, Bar Mitzvah

Friday, July 19
7:30 pm Shabbat Service & Oneg 
Oneg host needed
Shabbat Greeter - Liz Strom
Saturday, July 20
No Shabbat Service - Summer Schedule

Friday, July 26
6:00 pm - PreNeg -  sponsored by Cathy & Bob Friedman
6:30 pm - Shabbat Service, Vegetarian Potluck Dinner &  Oneg Shabbat 
Oneg host needed   
Shabbat Greeter - Bob Friedman

Saturday, July 27
No Shabbat Service - Summer Schedule

Message from our Rabbi

I'm fairly sure that it was Rabbi Joseph Telushkin who wrote about the five-minute class he took in rabbinical school. He said it was the most important class in the school - the one class that no student was allowed to miss, for any reason whatsoever. It was literally just a five minute lesson, held every week. But, whatever else the students were doing, they had to make sure they were at school in time for that five minute lesson.
The reason for that class, and for the imperative to attend, was not so much because of the lessons taught in it, but rather because of the lesson taught by the existence of the class itself. The point, he said, was to teach them how much meaningful learning could happen in five minutes, if we are dedicated to it. How, when taken seriously, five minutes of learning can profoundly affect us.
Of course, longer, more in-depth learning is incredibly important, and no one (certainly no Rabbi) would ever suggest that learning in five-minute chunks is always adequate. But, the fact that more rigorous learning is so valuable shouldn't lead us to the mistake of thinking that quicker study is worthless. And, that's especially important to remember because so few of us have the time or ability to commit to some of those larger endeavors. But, there isn't a single person who can't find a way to do a little learning here, and a little learning there.
He spoke of a doctor he knew who always kept a volume of the Talmud with him so that he could spend five minutes with it in between patients. My Rabbi, Rabbi Jerome Malino (z"l), taught me that whenever he had a few moments between meetings, he would pull down a volume of midrash and try to learn one new teaching from it. Often, he'd stumble across something that was so wonderful that it would become the basis of his sermon that week, but even if it wasn't that fruitful, it was never wasted time.
We live in an age which makes this kind of learning easier than it's ever been. There is a nearly endless supply of books made up of short teachings from our tradition - just peruse any bookstore and you'll find plenty of "five-minute Jewish teaching" types of books. Or, go online and find any of the myriad places which will send you a five-minute teaching to your inbox every morning. It couldn't be easier.
In my entire life, I don't think I ever come across a Jew who is satisfied with his or her level of learning. It doesn't matter if you are a religious school dropout, a Rabbi, or anything in between, it's all but guaranteed that you wish you knew more, and probably a great deal more. Sometimes, our frustration with our own lack of knowledge can act as an impediment to learning more - the task seems impossible; the mountain insurmountable. Don't get frustrated-since it's impossible to learn it all, the goal isn't total mastery, it's just to learn one more thing. And, hopefully, in learning one more thing, we learn how possible it is to keep learning, and what a joy it is when we do.
This article was originally published as a Rabbinically Speaking in The Jewish Press

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg

Message from our President
Greetings fellow Congregants,

Well here we are. The start of a new fiscal year. With my first year as President behind me I am excited at the prospects for Congregation Beth Am going into the 2019/20 school year. I feel a little more prepared going in to this next year and look forward to working with the new board. I have a few things to mention this month.

First of all, thank you for being a part of the Congregation Beth Am family. We appreciate all of you and we need all of you for us to continue to be the vibrant Jewish community that we strive to be.

Second, there are some opportunities for volunteering listed in this month's digest. I want to talk about one of those. The House Committee. This is the most needed area for assistance for us right now. Right now we do not have a Coordinator/Chairperson for this committee. If you are a take charge type person, not necessarily with superb fix-it skills but just some ability to coordinate we need you to take on the role of House Committee Chair. You would work directly with our most able VP of Facilities Peter Kaufmann to monitor and take care of Congregation Beth Am's infrastructure and coordinate volunteers for various projects. Peter has been doing both jobs for way too long and he needs assistance. So I'm writing to you, the Congregation to provide that assistance. Please contact me via phone or emial (Victoria knows how to reach me) if you would like some additional information or even if you just want to help out once in a while and not necessarily lead it. But sometimes jumping in and taking on the leadership role is the best thing you can do.

Last but certainly not least, please look at the Beth Am Calendar. There are a bunch of Bar/Bat Mitzvah weekends. At least six of them between mid-July and the end of August. Do your best to be there. These are our Beth Am Youth. They have prepared very hard to become a B'nai Mitzvah and they are our future. If you are available, come to a Saturday Morning service and be prepared to be amazed at how much these young men and women have learned. They have skills and they have passion. It will do you good to be here and it will make them (and me) happy to see a bunch of our Congregation at their Bnai Mitzvah service.

I will schedule office hours on Monday July 15 between 6-8 pm and on Thursday July July 25 between 8:00 am-10:00 am. Please contact Victoria if you would like to schedule a time to talk 1 on 1.

Have a great summer everyone.


Milt Orkin

President, Congregation Beth Am.

Ritual Committee Update
In response to requests from congregants, ritual committee is evaluating whether we should move to a regular Friday night service time. Between August 2 and September 27, Friday evening services will begin at 7:00 pm every week. An Oneg Shabbat will follow every service. On August 9 and September 13 (the 2nd Friday of each month), a pre-neg (light snack before services) will precede services and a vegetarian potluck will follow.  Tot Shabbat will be held at 6:30 pm the 3rd Friday evening of each month as usual.  

Zahav - Adults at Leisure

ZAHAV will meet on WEDNESDAY ( PLEASE NOTE )JULY 10 for our annual summer lunch out.
We will meet at 12:30 P.M. at El Rincon Peruano located at 8502 N, Armenia Ave., in the corner
of a strip mall behind the Winn-Dixie at Waters and Armenia. Locals find this the best Peruvian food.
Please rsvp no later than Friday, July 5.  If you need a ride, kindly let me know as soon as possible.
We must leave the temple at noon sharp. 
We will meet on Tuesday,August 13, for a brown bag lunch at the temple.  
Rabbi Rosenberg will be our guest  speaker.
I am looking for suggestions for a lunch location to have our September meeting.  Please give it some thought.
We will skip October due to the holidays.
Any leads for a November speaker will be appreciated.
Have a happy Independence Day celebration on the 4th.

 Call me if you have any questions at 813-962-3863 or email Jergo@aol.com

Maxine Gourse, Coordinator
Thank you to the following people for their CONTRIBUTIONS and GENEROSITY

Cantor Fund
Theresa & Aaron Hochhauser
In memory of William Alex Hochhauser

General Fund
Priscilla & Dr. Marty Adelman
In honor of the blessing of their 59th wedding anniversary
Madelyn Davidson
In memory of Helena Lenhoff
In memory of Lois Lenhoff Finn
Brenda & James Huneycutt
In memory of Gabriela Segal
Donna & Neal Huneycutt
In honor of Rabbi Jason Rosenberg
Mary & Dr. David Persky
In memory of A.E. Persky
Suzanne Strulowitz & Col. Darin Blatt
In memory of Gabriela Segal
Lois Young
In memory of Frances King

Oneg Fund
Gerald Wood
In honor of Beth Am

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Dr, Shirley Borkowf
In memory of Solly Cohen
Mitzi Fisherman
In memory of Charles Fisherman
In memory of Rebecca Fisherman
Diane & Scott Sable
In honor of Rabbi Jason Rosenberg
Gerald Wood
In honor of Beth Am

Youth Fund
Victoria Cain-Stull
In memory of Gabriela Segal
Susan & Dr. Charles Sand
In Memory of Harvey Osowitt
In memory of Norman Sand


Talmud Study w/Rabbi Rosenberg

Thursday, July 25 at 9:30 am
Location: Congregation Beth Am
For more information contact Rabbi Rosenberg at 813-968-8511 or email RabbiRosenberg@BethAmTampa.org

  Men's Club Update
The Beth Am Men's Club offers the opportunity to expand your circle of friends, to get involved in Jewish affairs, and to contribute to our Congregation. Men's Club members are involved in all facets of congregational life at Beth Am including ushering, building the Beth Am Sukkah, raising funds for our religious school, organizing social outings to Rays games and Lightning games, helping at the Purim carnival, our annual Erev Shabbat service, volunteering for Buddy Baseball and the Buddy Run, and frying up hundreds of latkes at the annual Chanukah Latke bash.

The main event for the summer is CBA goes to the Rays
The Men's Club has organized an afternoon with Rays on August 4. 
This is open to all CBA members and friends.

The game is against Miami and starts at 1:10 pm.

We will have "loaded tickets that include $15 of credit on the ticket for either concessions or retail. The seats will be either in the outfield sections or lower corners. Tickets are $38 each.

Please email Allan at allanfeldman@gmail.com to confirm your seats. You can write your checks to the Congregation and give them to Victoria. Make sure to write Rays game in the comment line.

We need a firm commitment of at least 20 people by July 4.

Men's Club kippot are here! Check out the what they look like on the Men's Club Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bethammensclubtampa. All members paid up for 2018-19 will get one free. Dues $45/year. You can send a check to Victoria with the memo "Men's Club dues" on it or pay via PayPal at this URL: http://bit.ly/MensClubPayPal.

Don't forget to check out the Men's Club Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bethammensclubtampa/

Sisterhood Update

The sisterhood board is meeting on July 14 to create an interesting and entertaining year of programs, special interest groups, opportunities to deepen our relationships, and social action.

Five of us received a warm welcome at World Refugee Day where we networked with member agencies of the Tampa Bay RefugeeTask Force while enjoying tasty ethnic food, "success stories", and song and dance performances of different countries. The Women's Initiative is building on their "Sew together Project " where women enhance their skills so they can become self supporting. Since they are adding new students, they are asking for donations to purchase new sewing machines.  If you are interested in donating, send your check made out to RAMWI to Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Am.

       Sisterhood now has three successful special interest groups, Chai Mitzvah, Book Club, and Sewing. We would like to add some new groups so we can enjoy each other while honing new skills. Just a few ideas include cooking, Women's Torah Study, movie matinee, and "touring Tampa Bay" ( day trips to interesting local attractions).

      We look forward to sharing our new and existing programs with you at Open House on August 25. See why we are excited about sisterhood 2019-29.
Volunteer Opportunities
Want to get more connected and involved? 

Volunteers make Beth Am run!

We are looking for people that are interested in the following areas
(These are just a few of the many ways you can get involved!)

  • House-help with maintaining the operations and physical structure of Beth Am.                         For more information contact Peter Kaufmann VP Facilities @ PeterKaufmann876@gmail.com
  • Membership-looking for ways to expand our membership (i.e. ideas on ways to gain new members and to expand options to help members get more connected).                                                  For more information contact Cathy Friedman @ CathyRFriedman@gmail.cim
  • Social Action-want to learn more on ways help to Repair the world/ Tikkun Olam?                     For more information contact Bob Friedman @ BobFriedman43@gmail.com
  • Social-want to help plan fun activities/events for Beth Am?                                                       For more information contact Bob Friedman @ BobFriedman43@gmail.com

Have other ideas or interests in getting involved?
Please feel free to contact Milt Orkin, President @ President@BethAmTampa.org

Please attend Beth Am's 2019, Open House Sunday, August 25, 2019, to meet current members,
"future members" plus to learn about additional ways to volunteer!

Buddy Run Committee Update 

Planning for the 9
th Annual Buddy Run is beginning and we are looking for individuals (or groups) interested in getting involved with this feel-good annual event.  

We are looking for help on discrete tasks to prepare for race day on Sunday, Nov. 3rd. Some tasks are as follows:
  •       Facebook/social media (help spread the word)
  •       Flyer/poster distribution (place material in local businesses)
  •       Medal procurement (find a new medal provider)
  •       Registration site guru (learn how to maximize the RunSignUp site)
  •       Revenue share coordinator (find the next Burger 21 partner)
  •       Buddy Run table coordinator (e.g. hosting a table at a running store)
A monthly check-in meeting or conference call is all that should be needed over each of the next four months starting in July. Please contact Jim Corning at 781 856-7047 or buddyrundirector@gmail.com if you are interested or want to learn more!
Congregation Beth Am is going to Israel!
We're in the earliest stages of planning our next congregational trip to Israel, 
and we hope you'll think about joining us! 

The trip is being planned for Mar 16-27, 2020. 

Israel is the trip of a lifetime, and we hope you'll be there with us!

Please contact Rabbi Jason Rosenberg at RabbiRosenberg@BethAmTampa.org for more information.

July 2019 CBA Calendar






Office Closed


Independence Day

Office & Building Closed

Office Closed

7:30 pm  Shabbat Service &  Oneg Shabbat  hosted by the Allan family in honor of Madison Allan becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Cantorial Leader - Cantor Tanya Greenblatt

Shabbat Greeter - 
Bobbsie Rifkin


10:30 am - Shabbat Service - Bat Mitzvah, Madison Allan





12:30 pm Adults at Leisure - off site



6 pm PreNeg-sponsored by 
Sue Ellen & Jim Corning

6:30 pm Shabbat Service, Vegetarian Potluck Dinner 
Oneg Shabbat hosted by the Ackerman family in honor of Jordan Ackerman becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Cantorial Leader - Cantor Tanya 

Shabbat Greeter - Sheryl Bowman


10:30 am - Shabbat Service - Bar Mitzvah, Jordan Ackerman







7:30 pm  Shabbat Service &  Oneg Shabbat host needed

Shabbat Greeter - 
Liz Strom


No Shabbat Service - Summer Schedule

11 am Executive Board meeting




7 pm General Board Meeting


9:30 am Talmud Study


6 pm PreNeg-
sponsored by Bob & Cathy Friedman

6:30 pm Shabbat Service, Vegetarian Potluck Dinner 
Oneg Shabbat host needed

Shabbat Greeter - Bob Friedman


No Shabbat Service - Summer Schedule 







1 - August

9:30 am Talmud Study


7 pm Shabbat Service &  Oneg Shabbat host needed


9 am Cafe Shabbat

10:30 am Shabbat Service
Save the Date!

Open House
Prospective Members & Welcome Back Breakfast
August 25, 2019

It's a Beth Am tradition!
Come Meet the New Board of Directors and Staff
All current members and "future" members are invited!

This is a perfect time to invite people who may be interested in joining!
So bring a friend or two!

Date: Sunday August 25, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM - Noon
Address: Congregation Beth Am
2030 W Fletcher Ave,
Tampa, FL 33612

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg, Board Members, Men's Club, Sisterhood, Youth Groups,
and congregants will be on hand to Meet & Greet!!

Remember, we welcome members of all ages and the best time to get people interested in Judaism is when they are young. 

We especially welcome inter-faith families, LGBQIA individuals, couples, and families are welcomed and supported at Beth Am. We provide a nurturing atmosphere where you will be able to deepen your connection to Judaism.
If you are interested in a vibrant Jewish Community with exciting youth programs, people passionate about social justice and social action, please attend our Open House.

For more information, please contact Victoria at 813-968-8511; www.BethAmTampa.org

Follow us on Facebook: Congregation Beth Am of Tampa

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday August 25th!

Social Action
Collecting School Supplies for Children in need

Can you pick up a few items to contribute to helping a child kickoff the school year?

In the lobby of Beth Am, there will be a container for the school supplies.
School Starts August 12, 2019 in Hillsborough County


Backpacks - large sturdy backpacks for all ages
String bags - large & sturdy
White-out tape
Mini Hand Sanitizers
Small packets of tissues (for backpacks)
Scotch tape
Thumb drives
Copy paper
Ear buds (for test taking)
Dry Erase Markers
Red, black & blue pens
3" 3-ring binders - heavy duty
3-ring tab dividers
Highlighters - all colors
Markers - Crayola and Sharpie
Pre-sharpened pencils
Colored Pencils - 12 packs
3 & 5 subject "5-Star" brand notebooks
Rain ponchos - Child Sizes Large & XL and adult sizes: S - XXL


Polo Shirts: Unisex sizes S-XL , Navy only (Young Men's sizes
Polo Shirts: Boys sizes Large & XL - Navy only
Khaki Shorts: Boys sizes 12 through Men's 32 waist
Khaki Pants: Boys sizes 8 through Men's 32 waist
Larger sizes are most needed

Polo Shirts: Unisex sizes S-XL, Navy only (Youth/Juniors to Women's sizes)
Polo shirts: Girl's sizes: Large & XL - Navy only
Khaki Shorts: Junior sizes 1-16
Khaki Pants: Junior Sizes 1-16 (Skinny fit preferred)
Sizes most needed: Junior's 7, 9, 11 & 13


GIRLS: Junior and ladies sized bikini, hipster or boy brief style underwear S-XL
Bras of all sizes Sports bras S-XL,
No show socks - ladies sizes, any color

BOYS: Boxer briefs, men sizes from S-XL and boys sizes M, L & XL;
Black socks in men's sizes - any style

HONOR Someone or Yourself
Want to say
"Todah Rabah/Thank you"  or "Mazel Tov" to someone?
Want to commemorate an anniversary/birthday?

                                  Here are a few suggestions:
          • Place a Brick on the Beth Am Walkway or
          • Put a Leaf or a Stone on Beth Am's Tree of Life for someone or yourself for an accomplishment that deserves recognition. 

Please click the links below for complete order forms.

For more information please call Paul Lewis at  813 892-4422 or King300.Pal@gmail.com
You can also contact Victoria in our office at 813-968-8511 or Admin@BethAmTampa.org
Please visit www.BethAmTampa.org for more information on upcoming events!
"Like" us on Facebook at Congregation Beth Am of Tampa
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