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Introducing CBD Massage
60 minutes $145
CBD  is one of hundreds of chemicals known as cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC,  the most common compound in cannabis, CBD does not have any psychotropic properties, but is deeply therapeutic. CBD oil extracted from the cannabis hemp plant is now being applied topically as a cream, salve, lotion, balm or oil.

Benefits include:
1.      CBD oil reduces inflammation
Massages work to soothe and relieve our joints and muscles of stiffness and chronic inflammation. As a potent anti-inflammatory agent, CBD oil amplifies the benefits of the massage by reaching the inflamed and pain causing areas and activating existing CB2 receptors. This way, CBD is able to  relieve discomfort caused by ailments such as arthritis, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.
2.      CBD oil is a potent pain reliever
CBD oil has powerful pain relief properties on the human body. It desensitizes pain nerve receptors and unlocks pain from specific targeted areas in the body. Through its  lock and key interaction with the body, CBD reduces inflammation and increases blood flow to the targeted area, hence reducing tension in the muscles that are associated with chronic pain.
Additionally, research shows that CBD oil does not create dependence in the user, making it a great alternative to addictive OTPs such as opioids.
3.      Alleviate stress and anxiety using CBD oil massage and aromatherapy
A good massage should give you an overall nourishing feel with stimulated muscles and joints. When CBD oil is added to your massage, you not only feel these effects in your muscles and joints but your entire body.  This is because CBD enhances the serotonergic and glutamate receptors in the body which are responsible for mood and anxiety levels.
When combined with other essential oils, CBD also stimulates your sense of smell and heightens the soothing benefits of a massage. A full-spectrum, CBD-infused massage oil also contains other  Terpenes and flavonoids that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed with a boost of energy. This helps ease anxiety and mood disorders such as depression, stress, and hypertension.
4.      CBD oil may help with skin cancer and other skin stresses
Scientists have found that CBD oil increases melanin content and tyrosinase activity by activating the p38 MAPK and p42/44 MAPK pathways.  In other words, this research suggests that CBD can be used as a  protective agent against external skin stresses and different forms of skin cancers.
5.      CBD oil helps clear toxins
Our bodies are constantly fighting to reduce the harmful effects caused by pathogens as well as free radicals that are found in our environment. Oxidation stress refers to a situation where the body cannot detoxify these free radicals fast enough which could lead to a myriad of physical problems in the body.
CBD is a powerful antioxidant with neuroprotective and antibiotic properties that can reverse the effects of these harmful toxins. When used in a massage, CBD oil helps clear dead, wrinkled skin and slows down the aging process of the skin leaving you in a euphoric state of mind with youthful clear skin.
6.      CBD oil is the ultimate skin protector and moisturizer
When using CBD topically for massage, there are unlimited benefits to your skin's general condition. CBD products usually contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for example, gamma-linoleic acid that  leaves your skin feeling supple and soft. When used in massage topicals, pure hemp CBD oil can also help with an inflamed skin and some skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Join the stretch revolution with
Flexology Massage
90 minutes $150
A proper stretching routine over time will increase your range of motion and flexibility - making everyday tasks easier and improving your quality of life.
Stretching help to alleviate muscle tension reducing pain in sore areas and reduces joint pain. Stretching routines also help in injury and pain prevention.
An assisted stretch not only benefits your physical well-being but your mental health as well. Blood and oxygen flow increases improving mental clarity.

In addition to alleviating strain on your joints, stretch massage has other benefits, including:

Enhanced flexibility
Improved posture
Increased range of motion
Better circulation


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