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Members of the 2018-19 CBD Bodies, Brains & Culture Living Learning Community get a hands-on tour of the Event-Related Potential (ERP) lab from 2017-18 LLC alum, Chynna Aming.
The spring semester at Hampshire was one of uncertainty. Just as we were mid way into celebrating CBD’s 15th anniversary, we received word about the college’s financial straits and decision not to admit a fall class. We had to reorient our focus and help the College move to more solid footing.
Our first priority was to support students as they processed the news of Hampshire’s difficulties. We’re pleased to say that the CBD Student Group and Living Learning Community provided a safe and calming space for students to ask questions, be reassured, find community, and focus on their academic work. The Research Grants program provided students with vital funding to complete Division III projects or build their Division II portfolios. (See the full description below of our most recent student grants cycle.) CBD also provided staffing and funding for many collaborative programs and events on campus to support student well-being and academic inquiry.

Looking ahead to the 2019-20 academic year, we want to update you on where the program stands and our outlook for the future.
Staffing : The good news is that the CBD program will continue to be staffed through the summer and next year. The sad news is that Dr. Pamela Stone will step down as faculty director as of June 30, 2019, so that CBD can continue to be staffed. Amy Dryansky, the CBD assistant director, will move into the position, which will give CBD one full-time staff member. Dr. Stone will continue to teach at Hampshire, and is co-writing a book with Dr. Lise Sanders, Hampshire faculty and CBD steering committee member. The book, Female Bodies and Lives in Victorian England , is expected to be out in Spring 2020 from Rutledge. Dr. Stone has provided leadership to CBD for six years--we thank her for her dedication and advocacy on behalf of the program—she will be missed.
Programs : CBD’s core programs will remain intact. We will continue our robust Student Group and Student Grants program, which are central to the academic trajectory of many Hampshire students, providing advising, mentorship and funding as they explore, experiment and solidify their Divisional focus. The Living Learning Community will be on hiatus, as there are so few first-year students entering in Fall 2019. We will, however, be deeply engaged in collaborative efforts with the academic and student life programs on campus to design and deliver the best possible mix of supportive programming to students during what is sure to be an interesting, but challenging year.
Funding : CBD’s endowment campaign for the Student Research Fund will be on hold, as we focus our efforts on supporting the College’s capital campaign. We are grateful to all who have contributed to the endowment and want to reassure you that those funds will continue to be used exclusively for student grants. We will also look into how to sustain the program in the future, possibly through grant funding and/or creative partnerships on and off campus. If you have any leads on grant sources or other potential forms of support, please be in touch!
Our community’s commitment to Hampshire has truly been amazing, and we are so grateful for your steadfast encouragement. Please feel free to be in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

The Hampshire College Culture, Brain and Development (CBD) program closed out the semester by awarding over $14,000 in grant funds to seven students . The grantees represent many fields of study and range from second year students to those completing their Division III capstone projects.
CBD’s competitive awards are made twice a year, and make it possible for students to pursue independent projects and summer research internships that support their academic goals. Some students will conduct research at Hampshire under the guidance of a faculty mentor, and some will go farther afield, working in the Pioneer Valley and as distant as Ghana.
CBD grants provide pivotal experiences for students as they explore their academic goals and develop their Divisional work at Hampshire. The grants also provide much-needed financial support for the completion of student projects, covering costs related to film, photography, participant studies, lab work, travel, housing and other key expenses.

The CBD Student Research grant program was founded with support from the Foundation for Psychocultural Research, and Hampshire alum, Dr. Rob Lemelson, and is supported by other generous donors. The next round of grant applications will be in Fall 2019 . If you’d like more information about the Student Research Fund, or the CBD program at Hampshire, contact their office at , or 413 559-5730.
Chynna Aming
Division II Research Project

Chynna will pursue her Division II research through an internship at IYANU, a company co-founded by Hampshire alum Madison Campbell. Chynna will assist with a study to help the company develop an inexpensive
at-home rape kit.

Gabe Clark
Division II Internship

As part of his Division II, Gabe will pursue an internship with the Cartoon Network to study animation techniques and human image processing in order to learn about the effects that consumerism has on animated shows and film.

Mairin Emerson
Division III Project

Mairin's project: “Pudica: Anatomy, Venus & Art,” is an artistic progression of her previous research on the objectification and sexualization of women in medical specimens, collections and photographs, and will culminate in a gallery exhibition of her work.

Alexandra Garland-Foster
Division III Project

Alexandra developed Eagle Club: A Critical Pedagogy of Place,” an after-school program at Holyoke High School’s Dean campus that provides opportunities for students to participate in hands-on learning experiences through environmental stewardship projects in their community.

Brooke Huguley
Division II Internship

Brooke's Division II midwifery internship with Projects Abroad in Ghana, Africa will support her research in the work of midwives of color, as well as her research into cultural beliefs and practices around birth .
Aleksander Meyer
Division II Internship

Aleksander will pursue his Division II internship with the PATH Project at Cooley Dickinson Hospital to research transgender healthcare access in the Pioneer Valley, and examine the relationship between culture, mental and physical health, and healthcare in marginalized populations.
Tori Okabe
Division II Internship

Over the summer Tori will intern with Dr. Jane Couperus in the Hampshire College ERP
and EEG labs to research visual
selective attention. Tori is also the recipient of a Sherman Fairchild research award

Congratulations to our Grantees!