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CBD lab has the floor
SelecTech recently installed 4,000 square feet of our SelecTile ESD flooring at Red Mesa Science and Refining. The St. George, Utah-based company is a producer and distributor of premium quality, FDA-grade cannabidiol (CBD) products to consumer brands, manufacturers, and end users.

Red Mesa chose our SelecTile ESD product for several reasons. The company previously had an epoxy flooring product in their lab that did not hold up to some of the chemicals that were being used. ESD flooring was also needed to protect lab equipment and electronics in the lab from static electricity in the room. SelecTile ESD flooring met Red Mesa’s needs on both counts and was installed with little or no down time.

Thank you, Red Mesa. For more on SelecTile ESD, click the button below.
Chemical Resistance
What chemicals should you test your lab flooring for? Is it necessary to test for every single one? SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli explains our approach to chemical resistance for flooring in labs and healthcare facilities.
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