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May/June  2016

How will the Monterey Bay adapt to sea level rise? 
The southern Monterey Bay shore is losing sand faster than any other shoreline in California.  Regional decision makers are tasked with taking that fact into account,while anticipating a rise in sea-level of between 4 and 8.8 inches in the next 14 years, and 2.8 to 5.2 feet in the next 84 years.  

Enter the groundbreaking study, " Economic Impacts of Climate Adaptation Strategies for Southern Monterey Bay," prepared by the Nature Conservancy,  the Center for the Blue Economy and other environmental partners, as part of our ongoing collaboration with The Nature Conservancy of California.  It is the first comprehensive study of its kind to compare a suite of possible adaptation strategies to combat accelerating coastal erosion in the face of climate change.  The study looks at two different sea-level rise scenarios, four to five different adaptation possibilities, and here is the groundbreaking part---gives a detailed cost/benefit analysis for each strategy looking long-term to 2030, 2060, and 2100.
Shaping the Blue Economy  
Leveraging the Oceans
for Sustainable Wealth, Globally
On June 8th, 2016, World Oceans Day, our own Dr. Charles Colgan wrote Shaping the Blue Economy: Leveraging the Oceans for Sustainable Wealth, Globally  which was featured on the Louis Bacon blog.  Dr. Charles Colgan is the Director of Research for the Center for the Blue Economy and  Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics.   Louis Bacon is the founder of the Moore Charitable Foundation, and his blog is dedicated to uplifting environmental issues.

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Climate Adaptation  
A planning guide for New England states, an example for all states 
The Center for the Blue Economy in collaboration with the EPA Region I Environmental Finance Center at the University of Southern Maine has co-authored a climate adaptation planning guide for New England states that could be an example for any state in the union.  "Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Planning for New England Communities: First Steps and Next Steps," lays out a systematic approach for dealing with the increasing unpredictability of flooding and inundation in riverine and coastal communities.              
News & Events
"...the things we think are precious and most sacred are actually the things that need price tags the most."
Dr. Jason Scorse quoted in a National Geographic article 
Dr. Charles Colgan featured on KION News Channel 5 regarding coastal erosion concerns in Monterey
The Center for the Blue Economy signs MOU
with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution regarding "US Ocean Satellite Accounts"
The Center for the Blue Economy joins forces with the World Wildlife Foundation on the
"Arctic Blue Economy"
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The Center for the Blue Economy collaborates with the Nature Conservancy on "Financing Mechanisms
for Green Coastal Infrastructure & Insurance"
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Dr. Brendan Kelly participates in the 2016 Polar Prediction Workshop
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Students Changing the World 
Meet the 2016 Center for the Blue Economy
Summer Fellows    
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Student teams (including CBE Summer Fellows) develop innovative products to benefit the world:  Introducing the
Fog Log and Fish Cubed.
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Alumni Making Waves
The Problem of Marine Debris
Kelsey Richardson (MAEIP/OCRM Class of 2015) will present her
research findings on marine debris to the United Nations

Can Reefs Survive Coral Bleaching?
Silvia Sanchez (MAIEP/OCRM Class of 2012) writes bilingual blog that is picked up by the New York Times

The CBE Applauds
From coast to coast, seas shape economy -- and political debate--great article by Emily Yehle
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The Cemex Sand Plant:  Illegal since 1965,  MC Weekly article
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Global warming has created a hot new job in U.S. coastal cities--Chief Resilience Officer
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NOAA steps up to address the problem of ocean noise
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The way we protect the oceans is badly outdated,  article by Liza Gross
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Renewable energy surges to record levels around the world, encouragement from the BBC
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