CBI Newsletter
May 2020

On Friday, May 15 the DEP and LEA conducted a CBI training session via Zoom. This email contains all the materials shared during the training, as well as the full recording of the meeting itself. I hope that these resources help you prepare for the 2020 CBI season. If you have questions please refer to the contact links at the bottom of this email. 

Mary Jewett - Milfoil Coordinator
How to conduct a boat inspection  
This section includes links to inspection resources. Videos and documents to help you conduct safe and effective inspections. 
Collecting data - inspection forms and the app
The DEP is strongly recommending the use of the CBI Mobile App for data collection this year. During the training Mary walked through the paper inspection form and demonstrated how to put that information into the app. The links below will help you download and use the app for submitting data.
  • 2020 Inspection Form - The old fashioned paper form. Many inspectors will opt to use the  form and enter the data at home. 
  • Downloading the app:
  • Quick Start
  • * Detailed instructions: PDF or Powerpoint
  • Dashboard - View the data as soon as it is submitted via the app!
For questions about downloading the app please email Becky.Schaffner@maine.gov
Additional Resources and Contacts
Still have questions? Contact us:
  • Mary Jewett (LEA) - CBI program, acquiring supplies, signing up for the newsletter. mary@mainelakes.org