New features added for CBI T-Link telematics users
Earlier this year, CBI announced T-Link remote monitoring telematics for C-series portable horizontal grinders and other select models. T-Link’s functionality will continue to expand as new sets of features are phased in.

The following performance data features are now available to T-Link users:  machine operating temperatures, machine operating pressures, machine performance (engine load, engine boost pressure, usage statistics), daily reports, and exception reports.

The following maintenance features are now available to T-Link users:  maintenance plans by machine or fleet, maintenance interval alerts of machines due for work, and a maintenance history log with notes.

2" Fang Tip - Summer Blowout Sale
For a limited time, you can receive 10% off your purchase of a 2" Fang Tip. This offer applies to single orders or crates of 400. Simply quote the part numbers below:

  • 40410499 = Single Quantities
  • 40410499-CRATE = Crate of 400

Contact your local dealer to place an order.

The "6060" rotor has arrived!
Stay tuned to see this monster in action.
Video: 6400CT metal removal
Great video from Frontline Machinery highlighting the CBI 6400CT Horizontal Grinder's ability to process and extract metal debris from contaminated feeds. In this application, the customer was processing rig mats cluttered with steel bolts. A pretty nasty job in the grinding world. In the end, they were able to produce high-grade end products with no downtime or any damage to the mill’s tips or teeth.

Pre-owned machine deals
At the request of our customers and dealers, we’ve listed pre-owned equipment opportunities to share with our network. If you’re seeking a pre-owned machine or want to list one in our newsletter, send us pictures and information at

Tip & Screen Guide: Upswing Grinders
CBI Horizontal Grinders give owners the greatest level of customization freedom in the industry. Tips, screens, and unrestricted controls can be tailored to an exact balance of maximum production and precise final product sizes. Below is a recommended tip and screen application guide for CBI Upswing Horizontal Grinders. Ask a CBI Technical Trainer how to optimize your operation for the highest level of efficiency.
Safety tip of the month: Safe Start Up
WALK-AROUND: Prior to starting the machine, a full 360 degree walk around of the machine must be done. If you are at a stationary system, then perform a walk through accessible walkways and platforms to review all working areas, machinery, and conveyors. During this walk you must evaluate where people are standing, the state of the machine, and surroundings. Confirm that others are not on the machine, in an unsafe area, and are free of possible dangers.

NOTIFICATION: Notify ALL people on site (Within 100’ of the Machine) that you are going to start the machine by directly making the statement to each person. It is mandatory that you get a confirmation response back from each person on site to indicate that they are aware of the machine start.

STARTUP: Prior to startup, yell out "Fire in the Hole" as a final notice of startup. Wait for 5 seconds and listen for any responses before turning the ignition key. Note: On machines starting August 2018, upon turning the key there will be an audible alarm that will sound for 5 seconds and then the machine will start. You are still required to wait the 5 seconds prior to turning the ignition key. You are now clear to start the machine.
CBI Gear Shop Item of the Month: Branded Banners
Order your co-branded CBI grinder banners today. No graphic design needed! Just upload your business logo and contact information and you’re good to go! The lightweight pullover sleeve ensures easy setup in a front office or conference booth. The customizable double-sided design allows two products to be displayed on one banner.

All Cape Recycling featured in Composting News
Congratulations to CBI customer All Cape Recycling for their feature in last month's issue of Composting News.