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Jonathan Brenthel and  Brenthel Industries  battled their way to a podium finish in the 2016 S.C.O.R.E. Baja 1000 TT Spec class. Jonathan runs a CBM Motorsports tuned and sealed LS3 engine.

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Getting a Modern LS3 into Your C5 is Easier Than You Think

When the 1997 Corvette was new it was fielding a very potent powerplant: the Gen III all-aluminum LS1. At 345 hp it made the Corvette pretty fast. But as they say "that was then and this is now" and nowadays 345 hp is barely more than some V-6s put out.

Our '99 FRC project had pretty much the same LS1 in it that came in that first year of the C5. And even though it had just over 80k on the odometer, it only felt moderately fast. Most likely this wasn't because it was slower than it was in 1999, but more likely we had become speed-numb from driving faster Corvettes.

What our lightweight, 3,046-pound Corvette needed was a boost in power output. The big question was how to go about it. Find out here.

Choosing the Right Cam for Your Engine Combination

Selecting the right cam for your performance street/strip or even full-race Chevy engine is difficult, especially if you don't speak the lingo. Even before taking a look at things like cam lift, duration, and lobe separation angle, you have to get past the wide variety of different types of cams available.

This is especially true for small- and big-block Chevy fans, as they must choose between no less than four different types: solid flat tappet, hydraulic flat tappet, solid roller, and hydraulic roller profiles.

Heck, even the LS (and new LT) guys can choose between the solid and hydraulic roller cams for the new-generation small-blocks.

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