MEFIpro Scan v1.3
Professional Diagnostic and Tuning Interface Software

MEFIpro Scan™ 1.3 software`s virtual Dashboard allows you to view sensor data such as IAC, TPS and 02 voltage in real time, keep an eye on your Boost Amount, Spark Advance and Knock Retard plus dozens more of the Mefi`s output signals.

With MEFIpro Scan™ 1.3 you can Save, Write and Erase calibrations, even Convert Motorola to Binary on MEFI™ 4, 4A and 4B ECM`s. Read and erase fault codes plus check calibrations with MEFIpro Scan™ 1.3.

MEFIpro Scan™ 1.3 allows you to customize what you view and the way you view it through real time graphs using the change Time and Unit Scaling option.  MEFIpro Scan™   comes complete with everything you will need to interface with MEFI™ 1, 2, 3, 4, 4A and 4B controllers

Get MEFIpro Scan™ 1.3. specifications and detailed information  here.

Ready for the 2018 Racing Season!!

BITD BlueWater Resort Parker 425 February 1 - 4, 2018 
Ultra4 King of the Hammers February  2 - 10,
NHRA Winter Nationals,
February  8th - 11th
The great BlueWater Parker "425"; it's one of the most fun races on our schedule, our racers love Parker, AZ. 

Spectators and Schedule info - please call the Parker Chamber of Commerce at (928) 669-2174.  Spectators can go to Shea Road or the "Y" at the Road in Bouse, those are the two (2) BLM approved spectator designated areas!
The 12th annual KOH week will commence with Hammertown opening to the public on Friday February 2nd, 2018 and will continue through Saturday, February 10th, 2018.

The actual King of The Hammers race will take place on Friday, February 9th, 2018.

Every February since 1961, fans have flocked to Southern California for one of drag racing's grandest traditions: the unveiling of new cars, drivers, teams, and sponsorship's at the season opener, where teams hope to use the season kickoff as a springboard in their pursuit of a spot in the Countdown to the Championship at the fabled Pomona facility known for its outstanding traction, smooth surface, and record performances.

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Formula Drift driver Odi Bakchis tears up the Streets of Long Beach with his CBM Motorsports Supercharged Pro-X LSX engine.
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