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Call to Action

September 13, 2022


Save the Supply Chain -

Urge Congress to Avert a Rail Shutdown

Freight railroads and their unions are at a stalemate reaching a new labor agreement, bringing the 140,000-mile freight rail network to a halt. As we know all too well in California, stopping the supply chain, even for a short period, is detrimental to the economy and everyday Californians.

You can help by urging Congress to help avert a rail shutdown. Visit GoRail and make your voice heard!

From agriculture to industrial industries, rail helps move goods for everyone from retailers to builders to keep costs down and supply up.

GoRail states, it would take almost 470,000 additional long-haul trucks every day to carry the displaced rail freight—a feat that’s not even possible today given driver shortages. Even if trucks could take up the slack, the increased traffic would add to congestion problems and contribute an extra 800 million pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere daily, assigning more emissions to your properties. Fortunately, the law allows Congress to step in to prevent this worst-case scenario.

Visit GoRail now to urge Congress to save jobs, avert shortages, prevent increased congestion and emissions, and protect consumers. Please urge your representatives to keep the rails running.

As California's supply chains continue to face challenges from overcrowded ports, labor shortages, and traffic congestion, the need for coordinated response from California's business community has never been more urgent. That's why we (CBPA and CBRT) formed a new coalition under the Goods Movement Alliance to urge common sense solutions on goods movement issues at all levels of government.

Join the GMA now!

California is facing a crisis of crises at nearly every level of our transportation infrastructure that makes up the backbone of our economy. The impact of the supply chain crisis has touched almost every Californian as soaring transportation costs and continued disruptions are helping fuel record high inflation that's disproportionately hurting our working families.

The US Chamber of Commerce submitted a letter calling for action from leaders in Congress.

Visit GoRail now!

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