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Weekly Update

July 22, 2022


Potential New Taxing Authority in San Diego

The Commercial Real Estate Industry is part of a coalition opposing SB 1105 (Hueso), which would authorize a new fee and taxation authority by creating a new bureaucracy, the San Diego Regional Equitable and Environmentally Friendly Housing Agency.


Just this week CBPA, NAIOP, and BOMA representatives participated in an organized effort in San Diego meeting with local elected officials and leaders on the negative impacts this legislation would have.


This bill would grant the Agency the authority to issue general obligation bonds and place financing measures on the ballot to fund the acquisition of market rate properties and expand rental protection programs.


SB 1105 would grant unprecedented bonding and taxing authority to the unelected Agency Board, which would impose higher property taxes on businesses and homeowners. The revenues generated by the Agency would be used to convert naturally occurring affordable market rate housing into deed restricted housing, thereby reducing the total supply of housing as the agency would not construct new units.


The bill is headed to Assembly Appropriations, stay tuned for more updates on our battle against this proposed legislation. 

California Restaurant Disruptor

CBPA is part of a large coalition led by The California Restaurant Association, International Franchise Association, and the California Chamber of Commerce in strong opposition to AB 257 (Holden).


AB 257 has two main focal points of concern for us, among many others.


First, it transfers legislative powers to an unelected body to set wage, workplace, and health and safety policy for a subsection of California’s restaurant industry (counter-service restaurants where customers pay first then eat).


The second main point is it dismantles the restaurant franchise model in California by forcing corporate ownership of all counter service restaurants.


AB 257 is a response to a false narrative and is an indictment on California’s robust enforcement entities. Funding these enforcement entities adequately and maintaining the legislature’s existing-and full- authority to legislate in this area of law is the solution. Changing this solution would be detrimental to California business and consumers.


To read the Coalition Letter, click here.


Stay tuned on the status of this bill in the coming weeks.

CA Commercial Real Estate Summit -

Register Now!

The California Commercial Real Estate Summit is coming up on August 9-10, 2022!

CCRES is the one time of year that industry leaders from all sectors of the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate industry join come together from across the nation and hear from top policymakers and California State Legislators.

There are some slight changes to the event this year if you have been in the past, so please CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE EVENT PAGE to view the CCRES Agenda and more details. Please also read the story below to find some FAQ’s.

We will be kicking off the event with a reception on August 9. The reception will be held at Prelude Kitchen and Bar, right across the street from the Capitol, starting at 5:30pm. This will be a great opportunity to network with other commercial real estate professionals and Legislators that swing by!




Check out some FAQ’s below, as we have made some changes to our event this year.


We look forward to seeing you there!


With some slight changes to our event this year, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some FAQ’s and Answers. Please read below:


Q: Do I need to set up meetings with my Legislators?


A: No, we are working in concert with each association’s administrative staff and getting your meetings set up for you. Once you are registered, we will work with your local association to make sure you get scheduled. You may also want to reach out to them about your participation to receive more details from them.


Q: Is there Priority Bill Information or a Legislative Review?


A: Yes, in the past we have held our Legislative Review the morning before walking over to Legislator’s offices. This year, we will be holding 2 identical Zoom Legislative Briefings on August 5th and 8th at Noon before you show up to Sacramento. This will allow for a more in-depth conversation and more time to familiarize yourself with the priority bills, issues and talking points going into your meetings. We will also have materials and one pagers on legislation prepared for those of you who register that you will receive before the Zoom Legislative Briefings.


Q: Where is the O Street building the Legislator’s offices are in now?


A: With the renovations in the Capitol, all legislative offices are now located in a new building on O Street called the “Swing Space. It is located on the South side of the Capitol Building. The address is 1021 O Street, Sacramento, CA - but don’t worry we will be your guides Downtown.


Q: There is a Guest Speaker scheduled from 9:15am to 10:15am, but Legislative Meetings from 8:30am – 12:30pm. Which do I go to?


A: Prioritize your Legislative Meetings. We wanted to offer more flexibility to our members coming to Sacramento. If you can get a meeting scheduled with a Legislator during our Guest Speaker slot, you are more than welcome to go take that meeting – that is the point of us converging at the Capitol. If you have more interest in hearing from Key Legislators or Administrative Officials, you are more than welcome to plan meetings around this part of the agenda.


Q: What are the Regional Association Dinners?


A: After our Kick-Off Reception at Prelude on August 9, we have left an open evening for you to be a part of your Regional Association Dinners if your local group would like to do so. This is a great opportunity to get your local team together to go over legislative meetings the next day, or even invite Legislator’s and staffers to your dinners to build stronger relationships. Your local association executives will be in charge of planning these, so reach out to them to find out if your Group will be hosting one of these dinners. We have a list of dinner recommendations for the Downtown area. Enjoy Sacramento!


If you have any more questions on the event, please reach out to Rex W. Hime (rhime@cbpa.com).

CBPA Calendar 2022

Tuesday/Wednesday, August 9-10

California Commercial Real Estate Summit



Tuesday, November 15

CBPA Board Meeting 



For more information on any of our events, please contact Melissa Stevens at

916-443-4676 or mstevens@cbpa.com.

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