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Weekly Update

June 24, 2022


California Commercial Real Estate Summit -

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The California Commercial Real Estate Summit is coming up on August 9-10, 2022!

CCRES is the one time of year that industry leaders from all sectors of the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate industry join come together from across the nation and hear from top policymakers and California State Legislators.

There are some slight changes to the event this year if you have been in the past, so please CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE EVENT PAGE to view the CCRES Agenda and more details.

Prior to the event and meeting with Legislators, we will be offering two identical Zoom Legislative Briefings on August 5 and August 8 at 12pm. We hope these prior meetings will allow you more time to familiarize yourself with legislation and spend more time in Sacramento discussing with members!

We will be kicking off the event with a reception on August 9. The reception will be held at Prelude Kitchen and Bar, right across the street from the Capitol, starting at 5:30pm. This will be a great opportunity to network with other commercial real estate professionals and Legislators that swing by!

We are finalizing a CBPA Room Block with the Hyatt in Downtown Sacramento, so stay tuned for information on lodging.




We look forward to seeing you there!

Warehouse/Logistic Center Ban -

Hearing Pushed Off to Next Week

AB 2840 was assigned to the Senate Governance and Finance Committee and is now set for hearing on Wednesday, June 29.


CBPA is actively urging the Senate Governance and Finance Committee to review the bill over concerns that it upends local planning authority for cities and counties, as well as undermines the nation’s strictest environmental law, CEQA.


Our focus is still on the 5 Senators sitting on this committee, including the Chair, Senator Caballero, along with Neilson, Durazo, Wiener, and Hertzberg. If you have contacts with these legislators now is the time to reach out!


We are working around the clock with all our coalition members, including CalChamber, CBPA, NAIOP, CBIA and many more to kill this bill. We are now contacting Senate offices to clarify the negative impact this bill would have on their constituents locally and the state, even if they don’t reside in the affected counties and cities.


We are in a sprint to defeat this bill, as policy committee deadlines are coming up at the end of this month!


THANK YOU to all of you who have helped on this bill, and please stay tuned for more AB 2840 information in the coming weeks.

Itemizing Parking Costs in Commercial Leases - 


AB 2206 (Lee), a bill that would require the lessor of a nonresidential building located within a nonattainment area to itemize parking costs in all lease agreements if the tenants of the building are provided free parking is scheduled for a hearing in Senate Judiciary next Tuesday.


This legislation is trying to address the current cash-out parking program issues, but we believe this would place an unnecessary burden on commercial real estate companies while doing little to resolve any of the issues the cash-out program is faced with.


In 2009, a bill similar to this was vetoed. At that time, the Governor signed SB 728 (Lowenthal) which clarified that either the California Air Resources Board or a local air district may enforce the existing parking cash-out law. There has been very little enforcement from the agencies since that time, and resources could be allocated to help with current enforcement mechanisms.


We are working diligently with the committee staff. We are reinforcing the fact that the program isn’t being used because the cost of parking isn’t calculable – the program isn’t being used because there are no realistic options for non-car commuting to work in most areas of the state.


Getting you leases involved in this program will not fix it and is unnecessarily placing the onus on property owners.


Click here to read our opposition letter. Stay tuned for more information on this bill next week.

Draft 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan -


California Air Resource Board Members held a discussion today on their Draft Scoping Plan Update for 2022.


With the plan’s potential to drive energy and transportation costs even higher – which will affect lower income Californian’s the most – the business community has come together to share our concerns.


Our partners in Sacramento, California Building Industry Association, have done an amazing job coordinating the business communities’ efforts on this draft scoping plan. We are signatory to their letters asking the agency to temper some of their proposals. An excerpt from our latest letter can be found below,


“As business members of the regulated community, we exist to provide a product to consumers based on their wants and their financial ability to pay for our products. Our concerns with some of the provisions of the Draft are born out of our understanding of our customers rather than a philosophical opposition to GHG emission reductions as our history demonstrates. It is unreasonable to expect business to produce a product for which there isn’t a viable market. Moreover, some of the proposals in the Draft will require voter approval. Here again our experience with things like gas tax measures among others teaches us that compromise will be necessary and moving too fast to achieve the goal can break our society. Expanding consumer choices rather than removing options while increasing costs should be the path to follow. We encourage CARB to increase flexibility by allowing the regulated community to use the least cost option in achieving the goals. And finally, we request CARB to join us in advocating for the removal of barriers to achieving these goals.”


To read the full letter, click here.


Stay tuned for a full update on how the discussion today went. As the Air Resources Board continues to move through the process with these plans, we continue to urge that any final plans must consider cost effectiveness and impact it will have on everyday Californians as well as the business climate as a whole.

CBPA Calendar 2022

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