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Event Update

August 12, 2022


California Commercial Real Estate Summit -


The California Commercial Real Estate Summit was a huge success, and we owe it all to the commercial industrial retail real estate professionals who represented our industry in Sacramento. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!

CCRES is the one time of year that industry leaders from all sectors of the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate industry join come together from across the nation and hear from top policymakers and California State Legislators. CBPA, BOMA California, NAIOP California, ICSC, IREM and others had members from Sacramento, San Francisco, SoCal, Greater Los Angeles, San Diego and all over California converged on the Capitol.

DAY 1: We kicked off the event with a reception on Tuesday at Prelude Kitchen and Bar, right across the street from the Capitol. Over 30 California Legislators stopped by to meet and talk with attendees about commercial real estate from all over the state. Afterwards, local delegations held individual dinners and invite their legislators to join them!

DAY 2: After a CCRES Breakfast, our delegation took to the Capitol and Swing Space to advocate for our industry and hear from elected officials and the Newsom Administration. Attendees met with over 1/3 of the Legislature in the new Swing Space, with every attendee getting to speak to their local Assemblymember or Senator, in the span of just a few hours! All the while we heard from Assemblymember Choi, Assemblymember Rubio, Assemblymember Petrie-Norris, Assemblymember Cooper, Assemblymember Villapadua, and Governor Newsom's Senior Consultant, Jason Elliot in the Capitol Building. After a productive day of advocacy and education, the event wrapped up at Whired Wine Bar where meeting notes were exchanged, and our friends and colleagues said their goodbyes heading home.

Thank you again to all of our Sponsors and Attendees, we can't wait to see you again for CCRES in 2023!

CCRES Priority Legislation -

Suspense Outcome

Appropriations Committees wrapped up this week in the Senate and Assembly, deciding which bills would move on and which would be stuck in the suspense file – stopping them for the year. The Assembly had 323 total bills, passing 244 to the floor at a 75.5% rate. The Senate had 491 total bills, passing 368 to the floor at a 75% rate.


3 bills on our California Commercial Real Estate Summit Priority Bill list were awaiting their destiny with the outcome of the suspense file. Below, find the bills that we discussed and how they fared.

SB 260 (Wiener) – Taxes & Regulations

SB 206 requires the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to adopt regulations requiring the reporting of greenhouse gas emission data throughout the entire supply chain to include activities such as business travel, employee commutes, procurement, waste, and water usage.

Assembly Appropriations Committee, Oppose

Passed to Floor with Significa Amendments


SB 1105 (Hueso) – Taxes & Regulations {Specific to San Diego Delegation}

Establishes the San Diego Regional Equitable and Environmentally Friendly Housing Agency without meaningful engagement from stakeholders, including the affordable housing sector in San Diego County. SB 1105 would empower this duplicative agency, governed by an unelected board, to implement a broad range of taxes and fees to facilitate increased funding for major policies such as regional tenant protection and affordable housing development.

Assembly Appropriations Committee, Oppose

Held in Suspense, Dead for the Year


SB 1410 (Caballero) – Goods Movement

Modifies the Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) regulation to be applied only in Urbanized Transit Priority Areas to help the state meet its ambitious climate goals while not penalizing much needed new housing and job centers.

Assembly Appropriations Suspense File, Support

Held in Suspense, Dead for the Year

Join the Goods Movement Alliance

As California's supply chains continue to face challenges from overcrowded ports, labor shortages, and traffic congestion, the need for coordinated response from California's business community has never been more urgent. That's why we (CBPA and CBRT) are forming a new coalition under the Goods Movement Alliance to urge common sense solutions on goods movement issues at all levels of government.


Last year, we joined with business leaders across California to send a letter to Governor Newsom and other key elected officials to provide them with a comprehensive plan to address the goods movement crisis. Now, it's time to take the next steps and build on this vital work with our new coalition. 


California is facing a crisis of crises at nearly every level of our transportation infrastructure that makes up the backbone of our economy. The impact of the supply chain crisis has touched almost every Californian as soaring transportation costs and continued disruptions are helping fuel record high inflation that's disproportionately hurting our working families.


Please lend your company/association name to the Goods Movement Alliance to stay informed about how you can help. Click here to Join the Goods Movement Alliance. There is no cost to join but the impact of lending your name to the effort will be invaluable!


Our coalition is dedicated to finding practical solutions that address the source of these challenges, invest in our future growth, and make our systems more resilient to future disruptions.


Congestion at California's ports is one of the most visible signs of the supply chain crisis. Backlogs at ports not only delay consumer and business products imported from overseas but also limit California farmers and manufacturers from exporting their products. On top of challenges at our ports, unfair labor laws and a lack of land-based transportation and logistics infrastructure is constraining the ability to move products within California. 


Attendees at the California Commercial Real Estate Summit hear directly from Goods Movement Alliance Co-Chair Rob Lapsley from the California Business Roundtable. You can learn more here Goods Movement Alliance.

Goods Movement Alliance

Applauds Appointment of Villaraigosa

The Goods Movement Alliance issued the following statement in response to Governor Newsom's announcement to name former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as an Infrastructure Advisor to the State of California–charged with working with local, state, and federal leaders to identify priority projects and maximize access to federal funding for infrastructure projects:


“The Goods Movement Alliance looks forward to working with former Mayor Villaraigosa in his new role as Infrastructure Advisor. Given the ongoing issues in California’s supply chain that are helping drive record-high inflation, it's vital that state leaders prioritize the most impactful projects for federal funding opportunities. Our coalition stands ready to serve as a conduit for the private sector's expertise and recommendations for modernizing California’s infrastructure to address current challenges and making our systems more resilient to future disruptions." 


The Goods Movement Alliance (GMA) was launched in August 2022 to galvanize supply chain stakeholders and serve as a resource to federal, state, and local lawmakers as they address the ongoing logistics and goods movement crisis. Bringing together users from the agriculture, storage, transportation, retail, manufacturing, and distribution industries, GMA is committed to driving solutions that will address the short- and long-term problems in the goods movement sector. To learn more, please visit our website GoodsMovement.org

2022 CBPA Calendar

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