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1 MyZone Go Green Challenge Begins
2 Adult and Youth Tennis Lessons Winter II Session Begins
2 Last Session of Intermediate Triathlon Training Begins
2 Spring Session of Group Swim Lessons Begin
6 Kids Club Day Camp
12-13 Kids Club Day Camp
20 Parents Night Out
21-22 Lifeguard Re-certification
23 Golf Conditioning Session II Begins


6-10 Kids Club Day Camp
6-11 All CBRC Group Exercise Classes Cancelled for floor refinishing
6-11 Free Week of Alloy Team Training for ALL CBRC Members
6-11 Lifeguard Training
12 Happy Easter! CBRC is Closed.
13-19 Gymnasium Closed for Floor Refinishing
17 Parents Night Out
There are loads of benefits from taking a BodyCombat class, physical and mental. Not only can it build self-confidence, it can improve posture, core strength and agility. Finding time to juggle a BodyCombat class after work with kids at home can be difficult. That is where CBRC has you covered!

Did you know that you can check your kids into the rockwall room while you come to class? The Rockwall room is free to children ages 6 to 13 and is open most evenings and Saturdays 8:00am to 12:00pm. We want to be the best part of your day (and your kids)!

Check your kid into the Rockwall room and join us for BodyCombat Wednesday at 6:10pm, Thursday at 5:05pm or Saturday at 9:05am.
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From the moment you walk into Columbia Basin Racquet Club, you can sense that it's more than a gym. It's a gathering space where you're welcomed and feel like you belong. RECEPTION DESK The first thing you do at CBRC is check-in at the reception...

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I love to eat. That fact was my starting point for losing weight before Balanced Habits. Not good. I had tried different approaches except changing my eating habits. By trial and error, I learned that I couldn't do it by exercise alone. BH taught me a better way. Regular exercise was still a basic tenet of the program. I could still eat most of the food I was eating before. The quantities needed to change as I suspected. I was also instructed to change the timing of my meals to 5 times a day. The last requirement was eating a balanced diet (carbs, proteins, and fats) at each meal. I struggled with learning the new way and felt like my grandchildren starting school. Biggest change in my attitude came after I watched the fat/muscle cell video available through BH in Week 1. I now understood that I was sacrificing my fat cell reserve to build muscle cells. The balanced diet and regular exercise were also important to build muscle cells. Those muscle cells would be my allies to losing weight and/or inches and future fitness. Week 2 brought the realization that I had to work very hard to eat all the recommended food. Snacking was not even a concern at this point. Now 8 months into it, I can say I met my 1 to 2 pounds a week goal - sometimes more, sometimes less. The weeks I didn't lose weight, I still knew the program was working by the new holes required in my belt. Then I would laugh. Advice for new participants, measure progress by inches as well as weight and be mindful to increase muscle to fat ratio through exercise.
I had been working out for about two years trying to get into shape. I had dropped some weight, built up some muscle, lost a few inches, but was frustrated with how slowly it was happening. When I shared my plan to lose weight in a way that it would stay off with Jessica (CBRC Certified Personal Trainer & Food Coach), she suggested the Balanced Habits program. After a quick chat with Morgan (CBRC Fitness Director) I decided it was worth a try. After all, what did I have to lose? One month, a short month at that, of following the plan and then I could decide if I wanted to stay the course or try something else. I started in February and lost 5 pounds the first week. That was exciting and the food was easy to prepare. The hard part for me was eating 5 times a day. Every 3 hours with no snacking and drinking so much water I wondered if I was going to slosh about every time I moved. Week two I didn't lose much, maybe a pound. That was to be expected apparently, but I did notice my clothes were not fitting so tight. By the end of the month I had lost 12 pounds and 7 inches overall. By now the five meals a day had become an easy habit and so I continued to eat that way and now, 8 months later I am down 50 pounds and several sizes smaller. I have actually enjoyed shopping for the first time in a long time because I no longer have to look in the plus size departments. I also know that I can have a special day of eating things that are not usually on my daily plan without messing up all my effort so far. I just get back to it the next day and keep up with my exercise routine. The support I received and continue to receive from the food coaches at CBRC has really helped with the mental challenge of getting healthy and the program certainly works. I discovered a few side effects that I had no idea would happen. I use to have acid indigestion almost every night. That stopped after the first week on the program. I use to have headaches quite a bit. I rarely have them now. I use to crave chips and chocolate but now I find that I don't need to snack, I'm too full from all my daily meals! I can still eat the foods I love, but I have learned portion control and how to balance my meals. It truly is a healthy habit to have.